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Early History: Classic Ancient Expo back in the earlier 2005's




Later in the 2016's:

In 2017, Classic Ancient plans to come again through the Courtesy of Tioman Odyssey to hold its occasional expos and demonstrations in Tioman. Classic Ancient has a history and track record of such activities since the 2005's in Malaysia.  This time it has brought the odyssey of holistic health experience into this country.  Small group of holistic health therapists such as massage experts of hattapattana origin and therapists or even medical doctors from Malaysia, Thailand and other countries who are good at traditional therapies, natural therapies, tissue manipulative skills and traditional massage will be invited to come and participate.  We always encourage all therapeutic groups of different complementary health disciplines to join our team to offer holistic health services.

Classic ancient will gradually introduce various types of therapeutic services - Traditional Thai Massage, sports Massage, Herbal Therapies, Foot Reflexology, Natural Cool-Dip Hydrotherapy, etc.  - to Tioman Odyssey holistic health tourists and medical tourists and even all those who come to visit this isle of natural wonder.  Foremost, we will take up cases of health conscious individuals who need Hattapattana Therapy at Walden Woods, other places in Tioman or certain pre-arranged places.  Classic Ancient will also offer occassional pre-arranged Colon Cleansing (gentle), Organic Gastronomy, Meditation Therapy, Natural Cool-Dip Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and natural psychotherapy services as our team consists of natural therapists, psychotherapy practitioners and medical doctors.

Also available at the beach is a Tropical Holistic SPA Center.


In the 2019, we plan to do some tailored Holisitc Health Packages (HHP) to Tioman Island and also some other natural spots in Johor state.

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Classic Ancient's Holistic Health Packages (HHP) in Johor state is currently under development.  The tour package is likely to consist of various types of natural therapies in various combination.  Wherever feasible, programs are arranged to give ample easy and free leisure time in-between therapy sessions.

We plan to offer:

1. Colon Cleansing (Detox)
2. Organic Gastronomy
3. Hattapattana Therapy
4. Meditation Therapy
5. Natural Cool-Dip Hydrotherapy

1. Colon Cleansing (Detox): 
In this Classic Ancient Colon Detox Therapy, a medical doctor will spend some time to conduct an in-depth study on your medical history.  There will be a general examination by medical officer and a final administration of Colon Cleansing by a registered nurse.  The concept of "auto-intoxication", the idea that food enters the intestine and rots, provides a rationale for colon cleansing (Detox).  The ancient Egyptians believed that toxins formed as a result of decomposition within the intestines, Ebbel, B. (1937). The Papyrus Ebers.  Copenhagen: Levin and Munksgaard. pp. 3032 and moved from there into the circulatory system, causing fever and the development of pus.  The gentle Colon Cleansing therapy cleans your colon and your digestive system in general and therefore your body as a whole off accumulated toxic waste that has caused you chronic dis-eases over the years.  There might be some discomfort in your system after the detoxification process but this minor altered discomfort is good for your body, as it is now experiencing a new cleaner inner physical environment for which your body is now trying to adapt.  Even after the detoxification therapy is over, we will still keep in touch with you for a follow-up and wish you well.

2. Organic Gastronomy: 
In this therapy, organic food and fresh fish from the crystal clear waters of the island of Tioman (local areas) will be served to you.  You will also enjoy a BBQ night with good amount of natural juices as a complimentary part of this program.  These meals given are meant for your physical body to 'eat' while on stay at our Classic Ancient center.  As far as possible, the meals are balanced diet, advised by doctors and suppliers are from organic stores.  Established chef shall be employed to serve the purpose good quality for both technique and taste.  The organic gastronomy program takes care of your physical foods intake till the last day of your tourpackage.

3. Hattapattana Therapy: 
In this therapy , an Aachan (mekiar or 'Guru') from Thailand will conduct a diagnosis of your body through his/her healing touch and detect the physical, the "physiological" and the psychic constraints (problems) in your bodies before he/she conducts specific point massage to remove your constraints (problems).  The technique is known as a hattapattana technique and can only be done by a well trained Aachan.  This therapy session is individualized and you will be attended individually.  The length of time needed for the treatment of each person could take 1-4 hours per session depending on what is wrong with your bodies, and may required a few sessions to really heal you.  Bear in mind always, that you have not ONE (1) body as it seems to be for you but actually FOUR (4) bodies which will be pointed out to you in the sessions.  Click here if you need more information about this Hattapattana Therapy.

4. Meditation Therapy: 
In this therapy, a quiet place will be chosen for participants, sitting in lotus pose or even other comfortable poses, to conduct a guided meditation (meditation professional) tour of your own inner world for an hour or more.  The inner tour odyssey will take you into various inner experiences very likely never before experienced by you during your busy working days in the cities or in the industrial and commercial parks.  With good and healthy air, quietness, stillness, coolness and soothing sounds of the winds and waves around where your breaths are heard and followed by yourself, you can expect enhanced self-consciousness, self-remembering, self-sensing and even moments of objective consciousness.  The meditation standpoint is not from traditional religious origin but rather of Fourth Way origin.  If you, so needed a traditional and religious origin you need to confirm with us a few months ahead for us to arrange such a guru of meditation.

5. Natural Cool-Dip Hydrotherapy: 
In this therapy, participants will visit a mountain stream at the rockfalls where the clean and cool stream waters together with the sounds of rapids, birds and insects, and the fresh rainforest environment ....... all in a natural holistic integration.  The rocks and pebbles of various sizes can give you a good foot reflexology therapy and a final bath will clean your external body removing the odors and surface in this natural hydrotherapy.  The air cleans your breath and your astral body, and the quality impressions there can awaken your consciousness state and mental sharpness.  Each session is about an hour.


The 4D3N Holistic Health Package (4D3N HHP) Schedule consists of 1 Hattapattana Therapy Session, 1 Meditation Therapy Sessions and 1 Natural Cool-Dip Sessions.  Each of these sessions takes about 1 hour except for the Hattapattana Therapy session which can take 1-3 hours.  Depending on the time available any other additional sessions are optional and may be charged.  Throughout the odyssey time you will be eating organic gastronomical foods.  The Colon Cleansing or gentle Colon Therapy will come first in the schedule and will be done only once.


During your leisure hours, you are free to go for swimming, snorkeling, strolling along the beach, singing and others in the area.


The 5D4N Holistic Health Package (5D4N HHP) Schedule consists of 2 Hattapattana Therapy Sessions, 2 Meditation Therapy Sessions and 2 Natural Cool-Dip Hydrotherapy Sessions.  Each of these sessions takes about 1 hour except for the Hattapattana Therapy session whic can take 1-3 hours.  Depending on the time available any other additional sessions are optional and may be charged.  Throughout the odyssey time you will be eating organic gastronomical foods.


The additional 1 day 1 night extension is a free and easy leisure time seaouting odyssey known as the 3-Point Seaouting Trip and the foods will be standard foods unless specially ordered beforehand.



In 2020, Classic Ancient will focus on holistic health training and education packages.


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