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We are looking for Odyssey Liaisonship, affiliation, partnership and sharing of benefits for Odyssey Projects:

 1. Experts, specialists, gurus, teachers and educators in Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Natural Therapists for General Holistic Point liaisonship

 2. Accommodation Owners/operators of resorts in Tioman Island for accommodation arrangements

 3. Operators of Sports & Adventures Centers in Tioman Island for sea sports and adventures arrangement

 4. Restaurant owners or operators in Tioman Island for the provision of F&B and/or health foods or balanced diet providers

 5. SPA or Health Center owners/operators in Tioman Island for providing Classic Ancient services

 6. Tour guides, trainers in Scuba Diving, mountain climbing guides, explorers, HEIGRENS trainers and others in Tioman Island for Tioman Odyssey liaisonship

If you have these expertise and skills and are interested in providing the mentioned services on a freelance basis, just let us know @ Registered Here through our Contact Portal!



The Fourthway ManHo Center is seeking for investors or partners and expertise contributors with a strong interest to participate in expanding this promising Holistic Point business - physical investment plus non-physical contributions including training, education, professional services & retailing business.  This is a Holistic Point Development Project with a vision, philosophy and mission to develop an  International Holistic Touch Initiative hub relevant to the global New Age trend.

Those interested in this project can participate by contributing investment fund or form partnership or affiliation.  Those experts and specialists are welcome to join us by contributing expertise in aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, color therapy,  bee therapy, herbal therapy, social therapy, hand & foot reflexology,  hypnotherapy, Hatha yoga, meditation, ion therapy, massage therapy, breathing therapy, Shiatsu, acupressure therapy, Chinese Tui-Na, Kerlian analysis & diagnosis, isometrics, iridological analysis & diagnosis, SPA therapies, movements & dance therapy, placenta therapy, etc.

Massage therapists, beauticians, hair specialists, skin care & manicure specialists, psychologists, natural therapists, holistic health practitioners, social therapists, esoteric faith healers, body fengsui master, health F&B cafe-ists, Reikists New Ageists, etc. are welcomed to participate in the Holistic Health Development Project as professional trainers, learners, apprentices, researchers, employees and/or business partners.

An ongoing project known as "Tioman Odyssey" is actively operating in the island of Tioman, Malaysia. Our future facilities will be located there and our activities will go well beyond the physical constraints of the location of the facilities. Numerous outdoor programs related to holistic health services and education will be available here. IHTI Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Program will also be offered.  Other sites locally or internationally are also in consideration.

For those who already own and operate seaouting boat(s), a diving school, SPA Center, Sports & Adventures Center for Mountain Climbing and sea sports, Edutour Center  and the masters, tour guides and others, get yourself registered here through our contact portal!

For those interested in the International Holistic Point Business and the ongoing "Tioman Odyssey" opportunity as well as CouchOdyssey, please contact Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho to determine the way for your participation and the agreement for mutual cooperation and friendship.


Contact Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho   Contact Us  

Email: tanmanho@hotmail.com

Tel/Fax: +607-590 9688   Mobile: +6012 245 5127


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