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Herein lies the numerous places of eternal global strategic advantage with historical, socio-economic, political and geographical significance all in the historical timeline for yourself now but crucial for the future of the younger generations!


The Pearls of Iskandar Water Margin in Iskandar Malaysia, the Zones in Iskandar Malaysia and the Melaka Gateway

InvestOdyssey Iskandar, we provide essentially the vital (insight) property information, research and knowledge, the consultancy and the facilitation in our tailored Investo Packages to help you to wisely decide and conclude a purchase, a sale or a rent-out or a rent or an investment, a business setup and/or doing the business here at Iskandar Malaysia especially the Iskandar Water Margin.  Many people will NOT tell you about the risk or the weakness or the negative secrets hidden behind the actuals  on your investment here at Iskandar Malaysia.  Here in the InvestoVisits we prefer to be different!

InvestOdyssey as its philosophy of the Greek 'Ulyssus' and his odyssey implies, shall take you there through InvestoVisit, to see, observe and experience it for yourself and tell you the truth in a Real World Views perspective about the investment at the Iskandar Margin.  Yet you must finally and wisely decide by yourself, after your serious 'calculation' and assessment with your genuiune intuition and  'I AM' or 'I AM WANT TO INVEST' or 'I DO NOT WANT TO INVEST' in the Iskandar Margin, and NOT such a decision based on some hurried impulses from someone or somewhere in you that chanced enter your mind or titillate your subconscious decision into making this vital decision of investment into properties and/or businesses here.  We are not just salespersons but trusted individuals helping you to achieve your goals.  Also, for your convenience whether as an individual investodysseyian or a group, we can always arrange your transportation cars, mini vans, tour buses, etc. for you to see it for yourself.  We will tell you not just about the sites only but much more about the 'something else' which you might overlook from internet sources which you have read or heard from somewhere or someone ....... of great historic importance for your future generations.  We complete your geohistoric holistic view of your investment and assist you in your actual needs and wants!

Our Investo-Guide will help to arrange your visit to those 5 physical investment sites known Zone A, B, C, D and E of Iskandar Malaysia and especially the 5 pearls forming the Iskandar Water Margin, namely - Forest City, Greenland Jade Palace, Country Garden, R&F Princess Cove and Greenland Helios Cove.  As investors, you need a first-hand real world observation and site inspection if you have interest to invest, that include buying, selling, renting or renting-out of properties or setup a future business or just for managing your existing business in the Iskandar Water Margin.  Our Investo-Guides are consultants who can assist you in a one-stop consultation - helping you to formulate your strategic choice, working out proposals, projects and facilitation, and finally assist you in the implementatation, and if needed, ocassionally providing you necessary consultancy during your daily business operation.

We can bring you to these Investo Sites from your current Pick-Up point and back to your Drop-Off point.  If you need such Pick-Up and/or Drop-Off service when you arrived here at Iskandar Malaysia, you can let us know online or by phone or WhatsApp or through
Trans Odyssey Iskandar, or etc..  These trips have to be booked by online or phone and pre-arranged at least a week earlier before your actual date of InvestoVisit.  Last moment booking is possible but will depend on the availability of transport vehicles and InvestoGuides.  InvestoTours are tailored to your investment and business requirements!

InvestoVisitors are welcomed to an 'Introduction Program' in person and by the officers from the respective organizations of Forest City, Country Garden, Greenland Helios Cove, Greenland Jade Palace, R&F Princess Cove and Melaka Gateway.  The 'Introduction Program' includes site visits and free in-tours within the project area, and free drinks & meals.  You need only to pay for your own visit  from your Departure Point (your home) to the Arrival Point(s) (the Lobby and Sales Gallery) at the project site(s).

Iskandar Malaysia Map

Johor Bahru City Map

Strategic Places in the Timeline of the History of the Maritime Silk Road:

The Logo of the Belt and Road Forum (BARF), 14-15 May 2017, Beijing


"The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) and One Belt, One Road (OBOR), is a development strategy proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping that focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries, primarily the People's Republic of China, the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" (SREB) and the oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road" (MSR).  The strategy underlines China's push to take a bigger role in global affairs, and its need for priority capacity cooperation .......

These are great inter-nation and intra-nation infrastructural connectors which are indispensable stages of the development of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being, and a necessary stage in this history. Some nations with such technologies and expertise can assist in this development.  These nations are especially China and other capable nations. But beware of the few others who might only like to try their business in predatory capitalistic manner or out of ulterior motive in their sociocosmic gene.  Only nations have to open their own eyes to not make this mistake or to be caused to be the last victim boys because of wrong ideas of their own leaders. While sociotechnocomic development is neutral and natural, human distorted noosphere thinking and wiseacrings are not.  This is especially noticeable during this current FA-SO-LA-TI historical Periods of Capitalism and Socialism where there is massive sociocosmic aberration between the MI-FA Interval and the "SO-LA"/TI-DO Interval of our Great Sociotechnocosmic Being.  This is a Humanity-at-Large challenge where nation leaders themselves have to overcome!

It was unveiled in September and October 2013 in announcements revealing the SREB and MSR, respectively.  It was also promoted by Premier Li Keqiang during the State visit in Asia and Europe.  It was the most frequently mentioned concept in the People's Daily in 2016." (Wikipedia)

'Iskandar Malaysia is a place of eternal global strategic advantage with historical, socio-economic, political and geographical significance all in the historical timeline for yourself now but crucial for the future of the younger generations!'  Why we can invest here at Iskandar Malaysia along the Maritime Silk Road!

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InvestoVisit Sites / Description
Meridin@Medini in Iskandar Puteri, Iskandar Malaysia


Meridin@ Medini is located in Iskandar Puteri which is Iskandar Malaysia's special economic zone.  It is situated within a short drive from Singapore through both the Causeway Link and the Tuas Link.  A stone's throw from Legoland, Mall of Medini, EduCity and Gleneagles medical center.  Investors enjoy special tax & investment incentives and zero RPGT.  Open for purchase to foreigners. Investment package includes options for hotel managed suites and rental returns. ....... Read More

Forest City @ Gelang Patah, Iskandar Iskandar Malaysia


Forest City of Iskandar Water Margin consists of four man-made islands in Gelang Patah, in the State of Johor, Iskandar Malaysia just next to the Tuas Link (2nd Link) to Singapore and the second largest Mangrove wetland in the world where the southernmost tip (Tanjung Piai) of mainland Asia (Eurasia) is located.  It has a total land area of 1,386ha - about three times the size of Singapore Sentosa island.  A Smart Eco-City that can acommodate an estimated population of 700,000 residents, Forest City will offer wealthy international buyers of luxury homes.  It uses ideas related to HEIGRENS .......   Read More

Country Garden @ Danga Bay, Iskandar Malaysia


Country Garden of Iskandar Water Margin is situated in Danga Bay, Iskandar Malaysia about 6km to Singapore via the Causeway (1st link), and its 57-acres fully-integrated development offers a distinct mix of exclusive residential, commercial, financial and leisure components to complement Johor Bahru City Centre. It is the ultimate destination for those looking for an ideal address with melting pot of facilities services, lifesytle and culture.  It is touted as the next Sentosa. With its comprehensive condo facilities and resort-like ambience, it is not difficult to see why it has become an  ....... Read More

Greenland Helios Cove @ Tebrau Bay, Iskandar Malaysia


Greenland Helios Cove, of Iskandar Water Margin in Tebrau Bay, Iskandar Malaysia was given the nod in 2012 to set up to a ‘Smart City’ at a special meeting of Malaysia’s Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC) — a unique assembly of all-star national and international experts created to inform and assist the nation’s sustainable development — chaired by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.  A Chinese developer was given the nod in building an experimental centre using advanced technology to promote the Smart City initiative.  Smart cities rely on the widespread  ....... Read More

Greenland Jade Palace @ Danga Bay, Iskandar Malaysia


Greenland Jade Palace also called Jade Palace Danga Bay of Iskandar Water Margin, is situated on 13.6 acres of freehold land just next to Country Garden, Danga Bay.  When completed, it will contain about 2,000 housing units, according to a Greenland representative.  Greenland’s Jade Palace is considered a luxe residential development belonging to Iskandar Malaysia’s financial and cultural hub dubbed Flagship Zone A. The 13-tower waterfront residences join in the ranks of other internationally-inspired properties such as its next door neighbour, Country Garden.  ....... Read More

R&F Princess Cove @ Johor Bahru, Iskandar Malaysia


R&F Princess Cove of Iskandar Water Margin is located a 'Point-Zero' at the Causeway Link in Johor Bahru, Iskandar Malaysia.  R&F Princess Cove is i) FREEHOLD  2) 35-Storey Towers Facing Singapore  3) 100% Foreigner Ownership  4) in Great Rental Demand  5) a Perfect Connectivity to major highways & future MRT to Singapore  6) in the Prime Location in Johor Bahru City Centre  7) giving 5-Star Luxury Facilities  8) Right above branded retail and F&B outlets.  As the developer, Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., Ltd. pointed out clearly: R&F Princess Cove encapsulates the HOPSCA Marina Living Concept  ....... Read More

Melaka Gateway @ Pulau Melaka, Melaka


Melaka Gateway is an off-shore development of Pulau Melaka and artificial islands on the coast of Malacca City, Malaysia.  It is not in Iskandar Malaysia but is still located along the Maritime Silk Road. It were launched on 7 February 2014 by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak, witnessed by Chief Minister of Malacca, Dato Wira Ir. Idris Haron.  It is expected to be open on 2018 and finished completely by 2025.  Melaka Gateway is projected to generate an additional 2.5 million tourists over the next 12 years.  Certified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, ........ Read More

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