In the course of her 40 years of experience in treating headache, migraine, stroke, rheumatism, etc. Hattapattana Master, K Win (Pithoonthong Saengthong) has developed a treatment system based on touch known as Hattapattana Therapies. The Classic Ancient healing touch system is a combination type of massage that is derived from Thai traditional massage, Indian yoga, Chinese acupressure or Japanese shiatsu, certain western soft tissue manipulation, hand meditation and various oriental massage techniques.  A unique characteristics of this type of treatment is its strong focus on treating through the meridian point with precision, positive use of "pain" for healing, starting from the inner energy of the giver to the receiver and vice-versa,  treating the physical body, heart and mind together and treating the elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire in the body. Therapy services must be by appointment ONLY.  The treatment is on a case-by-case basis.  Each case can take from 2-4 hours per session and normally you need 1-3 sessions for significant improvement of your body condition.  In most cases you only need 1 or 2 sessions to completely removed your problem. You can register your name first to secure an appointment in her service schedule.

If you have chronic and truly stubborn ache or pain in your body (not from external infection) such as backache, migraine, stubborn muscle bounds, neck and shoulder ache and abdominal ache due to scoliosis, old injuries, habitual wrong postures, physical and mental stress, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), etc., and that it has been making your life uncomfortable for years, and if your regular treatments from western medical doctors and physiotherapists have not improved your conditions, you can try the supportive Hattapattana Therapies from this highly reliable master from Thailand.  She has treated many patients with success!  The therapies can help relieve some of the resulting back pain, shallow breathing, sciatica, headaches and insomnia.

The rare Hattapattana Therapies from Master K. Win is arranged and coordinated by Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho and is made occasionally available to the needy from September 2015 onwards.  The master will come from Thailand or you can visit the Hattapattana win Center in Don Mueang in Bangkok when appointments are confirmed.  If invited, costs of travel and lodging have to be paid by the person or organization that invited her.  Each session is normally charged 2,000 Thai Baht.  Occasionally, she is on global tours to offer her Classic Ancient Hattapattana Therapy service.

Service Available (*Special cases can be arranged by appointment only)

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