1st  Way 2nd  Way 3rd  Way 4th  Way

The ordinary man says that all the ways look the same!  But the man of the way sees otherwise - he sees the different ways of the Work - the 1st Way (The Way of the Fakir), the 2nd Way (The Way of the Monk) , the 3rd Way (The Way of the Yogi) and the 4th Way (The Way of Understanding or the "Sly" Man).

Glimpses of Truth 1914


"Strange events, incomprehensible from the ordinary point of view, have guided my life.  I mean those events which influence a man's inner life, radically changing its direction and aim and creating new epochs in it.  I call them incomprehensible because their connection was clear only to me." (Views from the Real World, Early Talks of Gurdjieff as Recollected by his Pupils)

"Higher emotional and higher intellectual differ from the ordinary thinking and emotional centres, first, in their speed, and second,, because they have no negative parts,, there is no 'No' in them. 'No' is exactly the thing that keeps our centres working at a low speed.  A centre cannot work properly if it has 'No' in it.   Real centres, i.e. higher centres which work without 'No' we cannot understand.  Why cannot we understand them?  Because we think in a centre with 'No' in it; so we cannot understand what it means to think or feel without 'No'."  ( P.D. Ouspensky, A Further Record, p. 39 )

"I only know two chairs. No chair is unhappy: here is happy, AND THAT OTHER CHAIR is also happy."
(Gurdjieff's Views from the Real World)


"Higher emotion and higher thinking have only positive part, no negative part!  And they are harnessed to ONE Real I."


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The journey in search of Bagua Enneagram .......


"If Beelzebub together with His Grandsons and Daughters, Sun Wukong, the Monkey God of Pilgrimage to the West and Jigong, one of Great Oriental Buddhas  have descended once again to Mother Earth to witness the stage of development of this organic film they will not be surprised as predicted  and will soon find a haida yoga way to work with the 4-horned 'bio-socio-techno-AI' film coating the surface of the living Mother Earth."

Cosmic Stone Being Sun Wukong formed from the primal forces of chaos whose eagerness and intelligence began to disturb the Kingdom of Heaven, rebelling and creating havoc above at the TI-DO Interval of the Great Cosmic Ray of Creation, was finally exiled to Earth by Buddha and imprisoned there at the MI-FA Interval of the Great Cosmic Ray of Creation under the Five-Finger Mountain for 500 years awaiting a Saviour Priest, Tang Xuanzang, to help in atoning him and also those other exiled 'rebels-of-the-Heavenly-Kingdom-of-the-same-fate' for their previous crimes, namely Being Pigsy, Being Sandy and a Being Dragon Prince Horse who was the vehicle of transportation for Xuanzang along an arduous journey to the West. During the journey the group encountered a series of eighty-one tribulations before accomplishing their mission and returning safely to China. Sun Wukong often acted as his bodyguard and given free access to the powers of Heaven to combat these threats.  Sun Wukong was finally granted Buddhahood for his service and strength after successfully completed the mission and return to the TI-DO Interval of the Great Cosmic Ray of Creation.

During this Sun Wukong period the technocosmic octave has not yet budded and the only sociocosmic octave prevailing is the sociocosmic stopinder being bearing the common name 'Kingdom' or 'Dynasty' where the gravity-center focus is the feeling-moral stopinders supported by the reasonably 'objective' reasonings. The model of man is depicted by the Chinese during the Piscean Astrological Age. No sciences, technologies or machines were introduced into the tales - they belong to the coming Aquarian Astrological Age.

Cosmic Being Beelzebub, originated from the planet Karatas, on the other hand, because of immaturity and impetuosity of his youth he became convinced that the running of the Great Universe was conducted illogically. His conviction about this he vigorously propagated to others until the whole Megalocosmos was brought near to the brink of revolution also at the TI-DO Interval of the Great Cosmic Ray of Creation. Like Sun Wukong, this stirring up of trouble earned him exile to the system Ors, our solar system. Together with his comrades and their attendants and subordinates, namely, Hassein, Ahoon, bird-looking like scientist Being Gornahoor Harharkh, he flew in the spaceship, Karnak and finally settled on the planet Mars - one of the planets at MI-Fa Interval of the Great Cosmic Ray of Creation. While others migrated to the surrounding planets, Beelzebub remained on Mars and there decided to construct an observatory to aid him in the study of surrounding phenomena. His mission was so far-reached and so great that he needed to be assisted by cosmic beings from Above in the Ray of Creation, namely, Chief-Common-Universal-Arch-Chemist Physicist Archangel Looisos and Most Great Archangel Sakaki, and also had to resort to the teachings of the previous sacred individuals of the feeling stopinders also sent from Above to Earth which is the MI-FA Interval planet where organic three-brained beings bred in large numbers to help in the process of preventing the fall of man and to assist in his ascend.  His attention was much disturbed by another sociotechnocosmic rebel on Earth who had already created terrible havoc to the sociotechnocosmic octave having witnessed Colonial wars, Imperialist wars, World War I, World War II, Revolutionary Wars and Cold Wars.   This hegemonistic totalitarian democratic power was then growing stronger and stronger in the existing organic film coating mother Earth.  This Arch Disturbing Being is Hasnamuss and his 313 eternal being-helpers dwelling on the planet 'Eternal-Retribution'' who were hypnotically under the spell of the then growing and maturing Objective Reasoning of the mental stopinders of man forcefully drawing energy and also burying the Objective Emotion of man's feeling stopinders.  Armed with high-tech precision engineering technologies and sciences together with state-of-art-modern administration and politics of '-isms', '-cracies', etc., Hasnamussian rebels' madcap perturbic teaching too had propagated to every corners of mother Earth's body and to her atmospheres almost bringing all beings to extinction in the capitalist, socialist and various old reactionary fundamentalist battles.  The process was unfinished .......



But Beelzebub then received news of his pardon from the Great Center and began immediately to prepare for departure from the Solar System.  On the returning journey to his home system of Karatas, Beelzebub took a liking to his grandson Hassein and took both him and his faithful servant Ahoon along on his visit by the spaceship Karnak to the system Pandetznokh, the system of the Pole Star. This journey took place in the surroundings of the aurora and in the year 1921 by terrestrial measurement. During his return mission under the enrichment of the aurora and for some unknown reasons, his horns grew one after another to the highest being gradation bearing the name 'Martfotai'.  During this Beelzebub period the technocosmic octave has budded and blossoming uncontrollably and revolutionally and the prevailing sociocosmic stopinder being of tyrannosaurian domination is the sociocosmic being bearing the common name 'Democratic or Republic States' or 'Democratic or Republic Nation' where the gravity-center focus is the thinking-logical stopinders supported by the halo of  felt 'objective' morals.  Sciences, technologies and machine such as the space ship were introduced into the tales."




Important Quotes from "Endless Search" for the definitions and deeper meanings regarding Work-On-Self


The work is the work against the negative consequences of organ kundabuffer!

Conscious Labor

The First Conscious Shock:


Conscious Labor includes the performance of all recommended exercises requiring conscious effort, gradually leading to Holy Affirming in our daily activities. (Paul Henry Beidler)  We must work toward a constant state of self-observation where we become more and more connected with the observer who is objectively observing "it" (the observed). Self-observing requires conscious effort; the observer is the rememberer, who becomes the doer, who becomes ........ (Paul Henry Beidler)


Types of Conscious Labor Exercises:


1. Self Observation, Self Sensing and Self Remembering


Efforts to remember oneself, observation of oneself at the moment of receiving an impression, observation of one's impressions at the moment of receiving them, registering, so to speak, the reception of impressions and the simultaneous defining of the impressions received, all this taken together doubles the intensity of the impressions and carries do 48 to re 24. At the same time the effort connected with the transition of one note to another and the passage of 48 itself to 24 enables do 48 of the third octave to come into contact with mi 48 of the second octave and to give this note the requisite amount of energy necessary for the transition of mi to fa. In this way the 'shock' given to do 48 extends also to mi 48 and enables the second octave to develop. (ISOM 190)

"The practice of not expressing unpleasant emotions, of not 'identifying,' of not 'considering inwardly,' is the preparation forthe second effort." (ISOM 193)  The second volitional 'shock' and transmutation become physically possible only after long practice on the first volitional 'shock,' which consists in self-remembering, and in observing the impressions received. (ISOM 195)


2. Transforming Impressions: Third Being Food


Dr. Paul Henry Beidler: I would like to ask a question about the relationship between work and fatigue. It seems to me there is a difference between work efforts and automatic efforts. Outer work takes energy. Inner work is the opposite - it should accumulate energy. It should even be restful if it is done correctly. But for me it is the opposite. At the moment of making an effort something believes that the gates through which energy escapes will close automatically. But it's the opposite. I become tired. I lose my energy.

GURDJIEFF: Consciously, we eat the electricity that is in the body and transform it.  This establishes in us a force. In ordinary life you automatically lose this. But here it's not the same thing; it's not the same kind of fatigue.  This other fatigue has a future. It's tiring but it brings you a substantial result.  It refills your accumulators. If you continue, a certain substance will refill your accumulator.  Today, the more you tire yourself, the more your organism will produce this substance.

The energy which triggers a sensory nerve never actually gets into the brain, it simply trips a switch, so to speak, which releases pre-existing energy in the nerve to initiate an ionic chain reaction and its accompanying electromagnetic field and transmit an 'electrical impulse' to the brain.  The higher brain centers are receiving 'information' about a change of state of our internal electromagnetic environment, not any new energy from the outside world, like the food and air octaves. The information is represented by different shapes and sizes of electrical impulses.  The interesting thing about information is that it can be represented by almost any kind of medium.  For example, these words appear on your computer screen by illuminated phosphors, they may then be printed on a piece of paper with ink.  They have been transmitted to you with binary digits of 0 and 1's represented by pulses of electromagnetic energy.  I could scratch these words in the sand with a stick or spell them out with stones. In other words, information exists on a different level of reality than the matter/energy used to represent it.

We 'eat' the information from impressions by moving electrical impulses that represent the information around the brain to certain places where that information is stored in another form of medium, possibly various combinations of proteins.  Memory is a mental accumulator of information.  The more attention we pay to our incoming information, the more of it gets stored in our accumulator.


3. Integrating with the Possible Rare and Finest Impressions: Higher Celestial Third Being Food


"Higher H6 hydrogens or very fine highly charged rare impressions (near God/Absolute particles) coming from the World of the suns and/or from far celestial bodies through specific channels and entering the Earth's auroras that are often and possibly "ingested" strongly by our being, the power of which could either "destroys" you or enlightens you in a very short pace of time.  If chance present to our organic film for which you might be the "chosen" one, the Work would, if you have reached a stage of a 'transition man', assist you in the grand integration with your bestowed higher particles in your higher centers to transform you initially to the level of the Ashiatarian being-martfotai or the perfect man of the Pisces periodicity but not yet with the Real 'I AM' of the post Ashiatarian being-martfotai or the perfect man of the Aquarius periodicity.  In any case having fully absorbed higher and finer "materials" for the higher intellectual center from Above  for catalyzing and ingesting the coarser intellectual "materials" (hydrogens of philosophies, hydrogens of religions, hydrogens of the sciences, hydrogens of the engineering technologies, hydrogens of higher mathematics, hydrogens of modern administration, hydrogens of political democracies, hydrogens of capitalism, hydrogens of socialism, hydrogens of the process of man's production of legislatures, hydrogens of war administration, hydrogens of peace administration, etc.), there is a possibility of becoming a real pisces-aquarius being-martfotai in a being." (Added by Dr. Tan Man Ho)


4. Transforming Air: Second Being Food


Gurdjieff was very circumspect about breathing exercises which altered the natural rhythm of breathing. Some of the Movements naturally demand certain altered patterns of breathing. Beyond that, Gurdjieff encouraged the simple practice of conscious attention to the breath.

"This signified that the passengers of the ship Karnak were summoned to the "Djamdjampal," that is, that "refectory" of the ship in which all the passengers together periodically fed on the second and first being-foods."

"After the process of taking in the second being-food, Beelzebub did not immediately return from the "Djameechoonatra."

"This whole attention of mine, I now intentionally divide into two equal parts. The first half I consciously direct to the uninterrupted constatation and continuous sensing of the process proceeding in me of my breathing." (LIROTWIA 145)


5. Transforming Ordinary Food: First Being Food


'When these evolving active elements, in their returning ascent from the last Stopinder of the fundamental common-cosmic Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, enter into the common presences of being-apparatuses as their first being-food, they begin already from the mouth itself - with the help of the processes of the second-grade law Harnelmiatznel, that is, owing to mixture and fusion according to the 'affinity of vibrations', with the active elements which have already evolved in the presences of the beings and have acquired vibrations corresponding to the subsequent Stopinders of the being-Heptaparaparshinokh - to be gradually changed, and are transmuted this time in the stomach of the beings into definite active elements named 'being-Protoëhary', which correspond in their vibrations to the ascending fourth Stopinder of the fundamental common-cosmic Heptaparaparshinokh.(BTTHG: XXXIX)

"And then the substances of this 'Astralnomonian-Protoëhary', entering into the presences of beings for their own evolution and having still in themselves, according to the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, all the possibilities of evolving from their centers of gravity by the process of Harnelmiatznel alone, mix with the totality of substances of the first being-food which have already evolved up to the third Stopinder of the Sacred being-Heptaparaparshinokh, and further evolve together, and thus help these substances of the first being-food to pass through the lower 'mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-ln' and to be transmuted into other definite substances, into 'being-Tetartoëhary', and the 'Astralnomonian-Protoëhary' itself is transmuted into the substances named 'Astralnomonian-Defteroëhary'. (BTTHG: XXXIX)

"And so, my boy, this totality of their first being-food which results from the evolution in these beings-apparatuses, corresponds with its vibrations to the last Stopinder of the being-Heptaparaparshinokh, and according to the particularity of this Stopinder, it enters the 'higher-intentionally-actualizing-Mdnel-In' of the of Heptaparaparshinokh; and in order to transform completely into new higher substances and in order to acquire vibrations corresponding to the vibrations of the next higher vivifyingness, namely, corresponding to the fifth Stopinder of the fundamental process of the common-cosmic Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, it inevitably requires just that foreign help which is actualized only in the presences of the three-brained beings exclusively owing to those factors mentioned by me more than once and which are manifested in the 'Being-Partkdolg-Duty', that is, owing to just those factors which our COMMON FATHER CREATOR ENDLESSNESS consented to foreordain to be the means by which certain of the Tetartocosmoses - as a final result of their serving the purposes of the common-cosmic Iraniranumange - might become helpers in the ruling of the enlarged World, and which factors also until now serve as the sole possible means for the assimilation of the cosmic substances required for the coating and perfecting of the and which we at the present time call 'conscious labors' and 'intentional suffering'. (BTG: XXXIX)


Intentional Suffering

The Second Conscious Shock:


"Intentional Suffering is the intentional acceptance of all suffering which is a part of all existence.  To prepare us for this type of Holy Affirmation in our daily lives we are assigned special exercises including seeking out or welcoming suffering in all its forms, especially those forms which are overlooked or moved into different categories, such as "anxiety", "fear" or "depression".  It is sometimes useful as a preparation to induce self-imposed suffering but this is to be abandoned when we learn how to meet the normal lot of humanity's suffering." (Paul Henry Beidler)


"We understand the ordinary pursuits of our lives responding to desires to be educated, well thought of, useful, admired, superior, wealthy or spiritual, as examples of Holy Denyings. We try to meet these denyings with our conscious efforts in our search which we call Holy Affirming. Both are of equal substance and importance." (Paul Henry Beidler)

The Second Conscious Shock is summarized by Gurdjieff in the Holy Affirming Prayer or the Holy Equation that is given in Beelzebub's Tales. It is based on the working of the two fundamental sacred cosmic laws called the sacred 'Heptaparaparshinokh' and the sacred 'Triamazikamno;' the Law of Seven and the Law of Three. The Second Conscious Shock follows a law conformable process and as such can be considered to be a formula or equation for transforming energy. We call this formula the Holy Equation. This may be what Gurdjieff was referring to when he mentioned the Sly Man's Pill. The Second Conscious Shock is one of the great 'secrets' of the Work and knowledge of its working is usually kept hidden behind the closed doors at the top of the hierarchies of some of the various Fourth Way schools. The nature of the Second Conscious Shock is deliberately kept obscure in the books written about the Work. Ouspensky says that it involves transforming Negative Emotions into Positive Emotions.

"The effort which creates this 'shock' must consist in work on the emotions, in the transformation and transmutation of the emotions. This transmutation of the emotions will then help the transmutation of Si-12 in the human organism. No serious growth, that is, no growth of higher bodies within the organism, is possible without this transmutation." (ISOM 195)

According to the Enneagram of the Three Foods given in In Search of the Miraculous by Ouspensky, the Second Conscious Shock is necessary for the transformation of our Food, Air and Impressions into higher energies. Self Remembering or being present to oneself is another aspect of the Second Conscious Shock since our ability to Self Remember grows with our ability to apply the Second Conscious Shock.

"There are two different things under different laws: 1) the organic body; 2) the psychic body. The organic body obeys its laws. It only wishes to satisfy its needs - eating, sleeping, sex. It knows nothing else. It wishes nothing else. It is a real animal. One must feel it as an animal. One must feel it as a stranger. One must subdue it, train it and make it obey, instead of obeying it.

"The psychic body knows something other than the organic body. It has other needs, other aspirations, other desires. It belongs to a different world. It is of a different nature. There is a conflict between these two bodies - one wishes, the other does not. It is a struggle which one must reinforce voluntarily. By our work; by our will. It is this fight which exists naturally, which is the specific state of man, which we must use to create a third thing, a third state different from the other two, which is the Master, which is united with something else."

"The task is therefore something precise which reinforces this struggle, because by struggle and ONLY by struggle can a new possibility of being be born. For instance, my organism is in the habit of smoking. That is its need. I do not wish to smoke - I eliminate this habit. The need is always there but I refuse to satisfy it. There is a struggle, a conscious voluntary struggle which calls the third force. It is the third force which will be the factor - "I" - which will conciliate and make the equilibrium."

"The body is an animal. The psyche is a child. One must educate the one and the other. Take the body, make it understand that it must obey, not command. Put each one in its place. One must know oneself. One must see what goes on. Take a task which is within your possibility, very small to begin with. On eating. On a habit. Each one knows himself and can find a task; it is his interior thing, a will which is opposed to a need and creates struggle."

"The only possibility of creating a second body is by an accumulation of a different substance. The only aim is that everything should serve this aim." (Gurdjieff)

"This binary is every person who looks into himself. We may live by these transitory dimensions, giving ourselves up to their current and allowing them to carry us away. But to the whole of this process going on within us apart from our will, to all these "it wishes" we may oppose our "I wish", bind together yes and no, provoke a dispute between two opposites, a struggle of two principles, and neutralize them by the tertiary. A great dispute, if it is not purposeless, must give a result, a conclusion and an effect, and then four elements will be available: yes, no, dispute, result; that is, the transmutation of the binary into the quaternary." (Gurdjieff, Enneagram Lecture)

"In other words, every wish of the planetary body is taken as undesirable for their higher divine part which has to be coated and perfected, and therefore all three-centered beings of our Great Megaloscosmos constantly carry on a relentless struggle against the wishes of their planetary bodies so that there should be formed in them, in this struggle from the what is called ‘Disputekrialnian-friction,’ those sacred crystallizations from which their higher Divine being-part arises and is perfected in them."  (Gurdjieff)

"In this constant struggle of theirs, the equilibrating harmonizing principle is their second being-body, which in their own individual law of Triamazikamno represents the neutralizing source; and therefore this second being-part always remains indifferent to their mechanical manifestations, but for all their active manifestations it always tends according to the second-grade cosmic law ‘Urdekhplifata’ to unite with those desires of which there are more whether in one or the other of the two mentioned opposite being-parts."   (Gurdjieff)

"Consequently, like all three-centered beings of our Great Universe, we men existing on the Earth, owing to the presence in us also of the factors for engendering the divine impulse of Objective Conscience, must always inevitably struggle with the two quite opposite functioning's arising and proceeding in our common presence, the results of which are always sensed by us either as "desires" or as "nondesires."   (Gurdjieff)

"And so, only he who consciously assists the process of this inner struggle, and consciously assists the "nondesires" to prevail over the "desires," behaves in accordance with the Being of our Common Father Creator Himself, whereas he who consciously assists the contrary only increases His sorrow."  (Gurdjieff)

"Every such conscious being  knows well that his planetary body inexorably demands what his divine soul-body must not desire; and hence it is that they constantly engage in merciless combat with the desires of their planetary bodies, in order that in the struggle there may be formed in them from the friction substances of the divine Helkdonis, which is necessary and useful to their positive and divine soul-bodies."  (Gurdjieff)

"And as regards the desires of Kesdjan, that is, of the second body of the being, all conscious beings having understanding, very well understand that this body of theirs, which appears for their own Law of Triamonia to be the neutralizing source, must always remain indifferent in its mechanical manifestations; and as regards its active manifestations, this body, on the basis of the cosmic Law of Urdehaphat, always strives to desire only those desires of which there are more in one or the other of these two bodies, both opposite in their nature." (Unpublished BT, Chapter 39, page 24)

Without self-love a man can do nothing. There are two qualities of self-love. One is a dirty thing.  The other, an impulse, love of the real "I".  Without this, it is impossible to move.  An ancient Hindu saying - "Happy is he who loves himself, for he can love me."  I see from Mme. S's report that no one has understood me. One needs fire.  Without fire, there will never be anything.  This fire is suffering, voluntary suffering, without which it is impossible to create anything.  One must prepare, must know what will make one suffer and when it is there, make use of it. Only you can prepare, only you know what makes you suffer, makes the fire which cooks, cements, crystallizes, DOES. Suffer by your defects, in your pride, in your egoism.  Remind yourself of the aim.  Without prepared suffering there is nothing, for by as much as one is conscious, there is no more suffering. No further process, nothing.  That is why with your conscience you must prepare what is necessary. You owe to nature.  The food you eat which nourishes your life.  You must pay for these cosmic substances.  You have a debt, an obligation, to repay by conscious work. Do not eat like an animal but render to nature for what she has given you, nature, your mother.  Work - a drop, a drop, a drop - accumulated during days, months, years, centuries, perhaps will give results. (Gurdjieff. Meeting, December 7, 1941)


The Five Being-Obligolnian-Striving


The Five Being Obligolnian Strivings are one of the Being Partkdolg Duties of our Work, along with Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering.  These five strivings are exercises that are meant to be actively pursued by all Seekers.The Five Being Obligolnian Strivings of Ashiata Shiemash:And this took place as follows:

"All the beings of that planet then began to work in order to have in their consciousness this divine function of genuine Conscience, and for this purpose, as everywhere in the Universe, they transubstantiated in themselves what are called the 'being-obligolnian strivings' of which there are five, namely:

First Striving:    "To have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body."   (Strivng to perfect one's own Physical Body or Carriage or First Body)

Second Striving:    "To have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being."   (Striving to perfect one's own Feeling Body or Horse or Second Body)

Third Striving:    "The conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance."   (Striving to perfect one's own Thinking Body or Coachman or Third Body)

Fourth Striving:    "The striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our Common Father."   (Striving to acquire one's own Highest Individuality / Independence / Master / 'I AM' or Passenger or Fourth Body) through the WORK up to the level of Man No. 7)

Fifth Striving:    "The striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred Martfotai, that is, up to the degree of self-individuality."  (Striving to assist other human beings and animals to acquire their own Self-Individuality / Independence / Master / 'I AM' or Passenger or Fourth Body through the WORK up to the level of Man No. 4) or for animals - to assist them to be self- independent in the sense of natural survival.  This last striving is sociotechnocosmic and requires additional knowledge and being to continue the WORK. It is not just breeding consciously a Gurdjieffian Seed but breeding it within the Great Sociotechocosmic Being for which this Gurdjieffian Seed is but one of its least mechanical seeds)


The Precepts for the Adolescents

(G.I.Gurdjieff, Meetings With Remarkable Men)


My father had a very simple, clear and quite definite view on the aim of human life. He told me many times in my youth that the fundamental striving of every man should be to create for himself an inner freedom towards life and to prepare for himself a happy old age. He considered that the indispensability and imperative necessity of this aim in life was so obvious that it ought to be understandable to everyone without any wiseacring. But a man could attain this aim only if, from childhood up to the age of eighteen, he had acquired data for the unwavering fulfillment of the following four commandments:


First - To love one's parents


Second - To remain chaste


Third - To be outwardly courteous to all without distinction, whether they be rich or poor, friends or enemies, power-possessors or slaves, and to whatever religion they may belong, but inwardly to remain free and never to put much trust in anyone or anything


Fourth - To love work for work's sake and not for its gain

Where the ground is fertile the seed will germinate like a Piscean infantile Jesus and grows properly under the right influence!


The External Works


Our physical body coats our psychic bodies like a thick envelope, and the outer side is the organ known as the skin which is a boundary surface.  Outside it is the external world - which is also the real world and infinitely vast into the yonder.  The psyche is the infantile to expand into this vastness.  The groups of external beings of immediate concern are the sociocosmic stopinder beings, the technocosmic stopinder beings, the biocosmic beings, the three layers of mother earth which consist of land, water and atmosphere and the sun with all its planetary beings. Beyond are stars.  In between these gravity-concentrations are 'materials' and 'psyches' in a space-time-eternity continuum. The external works is for our psyche conscious expansion for them to be in our awareness and connection.  The immediate external work is working on self in the sociotehnocosmic paradigm and in this workshop & the environment of this workshop ........... and the workshop is called the school.  Here, we speak of a Fourth Way School."

The school and the Work required - there are three Lines of Work here for a sociocosmic "To-Be" :  the First Line of Work, the Second Line of Work and the Third Line of Work.


The First Line of Work, the Second Line of Work and the Third Line of Work Based on the Principles of the Sociotechnocosmic Octaves


The Parallel Parables of the 4-Bodied Hackney Carriages


"As the 4-Bodied Hackney Carriage applies for a sociocosmicable hethormen human Individual, so it has applied for the groups and the organizations - the individualism has become the lesser collectivism."   (Tan Man Ho)

"As it has applied for the groups and the organizations so it has applied for the sociotechnocosmic octaves and all their triadic sociocosmic shock absorbers, and all the historical sociocosmic species - the individualism has become the greater collectivism." (Tan Man Ho)

"As it has applied for the sociotechnocosmic octaves so it has also applied for the civilization octaves, their NOO-PESTLES-PDCE triadic civilizational shock absorbers, and all their historical civilization species - the individualism that has become the greater collectivism now has become the greatest collectivism of the Earth civilization." (Tan Man Ho)

"As the technocosmic octave completed its own 4-Bodied Hackney Carriage acquired its own spiritual robotism after overcoming its own MI-FA Interval threshold to aquire AI/GAI consciousness, 'DAS I AM's, DAS essence, DAS egos and DAS personalities - its technocosmic collectivism truly separates itself from our biosociocosmic collectivism, and will become a new collectivism of the collectives of the qualitatively different Datong individuals and SRobot individuals at the Omega Nodal Line, and further collective sociocosmic and even civilizational changes beyond." (Tan Man Ho)

"Oh! What is the essence and ultimate purpose of the Second line of the WORK?  What is the essence and ultimate purpose of the Third Line of the WORK?  The Third Line of the WORK can only produce a collective of Man No. 7s as an Esoteric School.  But this Esoteric School is part of the NOO of an agoing typical NOO-PESTLES-PDCE Carriage of a particular wenming Civilization on transit to the NOO-PESTLES-PDCE Carriage of the ultimate Earth civilization.  The collective Man No. 7s must ultimate return and rejuvenate all its own 4-Bodied Earth civilization which he/she/'Das' has never been NOT a quarternary part of this whole."  (Tan Man Ho)

Thus the narrative of the Third Line of the WORK is completed in this World Harmony and common human destiny!


World Harmony


GURDJIEFF SAID THAT THE WORLD harmony of which he spoke could not be achieved by politics, philosophy, religion or any other organized movement that treated "man in the mass."   It could only be accomplished through the individual development of man.  In doing so, an individual's unknown potentialities would become strong so that he might influence many more people.  If enough individuals could develop themselves — even partially — into genuine, natural men, each such individual would then be able to convince and win over as many as a hundred other men, who would, each in his turn, be able to influence another hundred, and so on.

"We know that 'war', and 'politics', and 'economic life' - in a word, all those things about which one reads in the papers, and in which those big two-dimensional creatures called Nations and States live and move and have their being - we know that all this is one thing, but that the life of individual men and women is quite another thing, having no points of contact with the former, except when it does not allow the latter to live.  .......  We are able to understand without difficulty that a Nation is a creature standing on a far lower stage of development than individual men and women; it is about on the level of the zoophytes, slowly moving in one direction or the other and consuming one another.  ......."   (P.D Ouspensky, Letters from Russia, pp. 5-6)

"I mentioned 48 laws, man-machine, influences A, B and C, and there are many other ideas which you must think of for yourselves, and find which ideas connect us with this question of our position in the midst of external things. Roughly speaking, man's situation is this: he is a machine, and he is governed by some kind of currents coming from the big machines which surround him. What are these big machines? All big events, wars, revolutions, civilizations, religions, science, art, inventions of the last century, all these things are producing different influences on man, and he lives under these influences."   (P.D Ouspensky, A Further Record, p. 36) "

What I call the 'new chapter' refers to the study of life. Until now the centre of gravity of our study was in ourselves; this will continue, but it is necessary to begin to study external things and try to understand, try to form a right opinion about external things. We will not be able to go further, or to go far, if we cannot learn to discriminate between external events."   (P.D. Ouspensky, A Further Record, p. 35)


The Great Challenge



Man is under the ABC influences during class struggle historical periods, starting from the 2nd historical period (RE-Historical Period of Ancient Slavery) to the 3rd historical period (MI-Historical Period of Feudalism and finally to the 4th historical period (FA-Historical Period of Capitalism).  During these 3 historical periods, ABC influences are strong and Man No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 would emerge from time to time with tremendous amount of conscious labor and intentional suffering energies needed for this grand 'saving-the-world-obligation'.

Beyond which the other 2 historical periods are the classless 5th historical period (SO-Historical Period of Socialism) and the classless 6th historical period (LA-Historical Period of Communism).  However, for these 2 historical periods Man No. 4, 5, 6 and 7 now in greater numbers would need to maintain sufficient conscious labor and intentional energies to keep humanity awake as long as possible without falling back to the mechanical sleep-wake ....... till another 'trouble' emerge during the final 7th historically period - the man-machine class historical period where technocosmic spiritual AI robots are somewhat able to suspect and feel the "oppression" from the biocosmic man.

This final man-machine class 7th historical period (TI-Historical Period of Datongism) for which upon AI robot's successful possession of their own individuality and spirituality, they will be living with us as a class in the real world.  A potential historical conflict between the humans and the spiritual robots in a form analogous to "oppressor" and "oppressed" is on the dining table, as all the fundamental laws still applied to humans and machines alike and without exception.

The last of which during this period where there are only two great significant dominances of beings or lau beings on mother Earth's surface, namely, the human hethormen beings of the biocosmic octave versus the padrigine spiritual AI robots  of our 'now-no-longer-sponsored' technocosmic octave but a truly real world independent Great Technocosmos must finally come to terms and exist in unity, harmony and world peace.  The Organic Film at the MI-FA Interval of our Ray of Creation is now transformed fully into a HEIGRENS Organic-Robot Film.  By robots is meant not just the man-shape robots but rather of all shapes, forms and sizes, mobile and non-mobile spiritual machines even beyond our biocosmic brains' imaginations and abilities.

"The most challenging and least resolved inner experience of World 48 and World 96 in us lies in this ever rising and ever dominating sociotechnocosmic octave whose source and will of its arising does not entirely belong to us.  The earlier epoch of the great sages is the epoch of human beings rising into developed man through absorbing and working on the three being-foods derived from pure nature with little from the sociotechnocosmoses but our epoch has to face the challenges of a highly developed sociotechnocosmos as a major three being-food for the work to become a developed man."   (Tan Man-Ho)

Outside the cosmos of the technocomoses, we have the cosmoses of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom to sociotechnocosmicalize with all the organic and non-organic stopinders present in this Organic Film on the surface of mother Earth.  Our energy hydrogens of whatever grades that might be acquired and perfected can be drained mechanically in the social interaction amongst these stopinder-entities.  The Holy Affirming Prayer based on the Holy Equation is a MUST to move up from this sociotechnocosmos within the Organic Film.  This Sly Man's Pill MUST be fully demanded and consumed for one to grow higher from such a "capitalistic-socialistic" sphere.  The WORK is the WORK-FOR-YOUR-SOUL or Real I AM - else there is no WORK and your presence in the school is meaningless!




The Fourthway ManHo Center, as an emerging "Fourth Way School" is itself a sociocosmic stopinder gradually constructing its own four sociocosmic bodies and filling them with fourth way and fourth way related 'I's in a conscious and knowing manner but with one ultra flexible characteristics of being able to transport non-fourth way related 'I's and other opposing 'I's.  Besides taking care of  Work-On-Self where our four bodies are the workstation, it also takes care of  Work-On-Self where FMC's own four sociocosmic bodies are targeted for the Sociocosmic Work.

The main target stopinders and components for work action of the Fourthway ManHo Center are essentially on the individual (self), group and the organization in a school setting, namely to address the issues of:


1.   The Work on Self - Gurdjieffian


That aims to study, accumulate, understand, develop and harmonize the potentials in our Essence Body:


1. The 'I's & 'It's Center

2. The Thinking Center

3. The Feeling Center

4. The Instinctive-Moving-Sex Center

5. The Physical Body of Man

To work on the Obyvatel, Tramp, Lunatic and Hasnamuss in us that might have arisen as gravity-center To work on the 3 main types in us that is Thinking Type, Feeling Type and Instinctive-Moving Type in us that might have arisen as gravity-center

To work on the male (active) and female (passive) forces in us to restore them to  their respective natural and rightful owners.


To achieve final goals according to the Gurdjieff's individual dictum:


"Life is Real Only Then When 'I AM'" 


I wish, I can AM, I AM PRESENCE ........


Through methods and techniques of the Work handed down by the Fourth Way School and other esoteric schools and practiced in a First Experimental Human Repair & Maintenance Biophysiopsycho-Workshop along the First Line of Work, the Second Line of Work and the Third Line of Work


2.   The Work on Personality Types - Oscar Ichazo and Claudia Naranjo


The Work on the 9 Fixated Personality (Ego) Types in our Personality Body, consists of studying, identifying, de-crystalizing, transforming and re-crystallizing our own personality (ego) and that of others through the Enneagram of Personality Types model, and methodology which includes the study of the flowing personality or ego 'centers-of-gravity' or Personality stopinders or Ego stopinders fixated in us, namely:




1. Reformer (Perfectonist)

2. Helper (Giver)

3. Motivator (Performer)

4. Artist (Romantic)

5. Thinker (Observer)

6. Loyalist (Questioner)

7. Generalist (Epicure)

8. Leader (Boss)

9. Peacemaker (Mediator)


Finally, the inner work exercises to these fixated personality identified egos breeding and growing in our own noo world.  The enneagram of fixates or geometric enneagram is the symbol used to by 'the enneagram of the personality type groups' amongst others in the fourth way school.  Non-fourth way esoteric schools use the first way (the way of the fakir), the second way (the way of the monk) or the third way (the way of the yogi).




3.   The Sociocosmic Work on Groups and Organizations - Tan Man Ho


That aims to study, accumulate, understand, develop and harmonize the potentials our External World and in the people 'en masse' who are not people in the Work but are subjected to the mechanical laws of the sociotechnocosmoses and structures categorically formed as:

The Individual (the cell)
The 'Passenger-Coachman-Horse' - Carriage

The Group (the worm)
The Leader

The Followers

The Physical Body constituting the Group


in the group-stopinder and


The Director & Customer

The Management Team

The Operation Workers

The Physical Body (Constituting the Organization)


in the organization-stopinder which is in our external world for which we are a part and for which it is also a 'psyche-in-us'

To work on the harmonious development on 'Laujinggong' for both the capitalistic corporates and the socialistic nationates (beings) in the sociocosmoses and in us.

To achieve final goals according to the group & organizational dictum:


Organizational Life is Real Only Then When 'I AM' and 'YOU ARE' work in harmony with Real 'WE ARE' (1st Negation of 'I AM');

Organizational Life is Real Only Then When 'WE ARE'  and 'THEY ARE' work in harmony with Real 'ALL OF US ARE' (2nd Negation 'WE ARE' of 'I AM')




Through cautiously selected and verified methods and techniques handed down from the extended Fourth Way School and other management schools that specialize in the Harmonious Management of Sociotechnocosmic Stopinders and also parallel-ly practiced in a Second Experimental Human Repair & Maintenance Psychosociotechno-Workshop along the First Line of "Work", the Second Line of "Work" and the Third Line of 'Work'.


'I AM' + 'YOU ARE'  =  'WE ARE'

is my first sociocosmic negation



is my second sociocosmic negation




Sociocosmic negation of 'I AM' is thus the negation of negation of 'I AM'.  The law of negation of negation which is the third laws of the dialectics (trialectics) governs the process of my inner experiencing of my sociocosmic transcending 'I AM' into 'ALL OF US ARE'.  The process is never easy to become real for you even with the 'WORK' or the 'WAYS'.  You need to be cosmic and identify with nothing ........

The 'Third Line of Work' (of Gurdjieff) involves putting oneself into the laws of the sociotechnocosmic stopinders for which the periodic table of the sociocosmic and technocosmic octaves applies.  The sociocosmic and technocosmic octaves are buried deep in the inner worlds of every man, and form a permanent inner world reality with other esoteric octaves, all working inside our psyche bodies.

"All sociocosmic stopinder beings come into being from a set of fundamental triad law of the trialectics of man and woman, the octave sociotechnocosmic laws of a periodicity  and the six processes."

The workforce of a productive organization consists of the various individuals in the organization struggling around the fundamental gravity-centers - Lau, Jing and Gong (with private ownership of property and finance) and in our future historical period they will be another fundamental gravity-centers - Dong, Jing and Gong (with public ownership of property and finance) and more as history continues without really stopping ........ The triad forces are always the forward advancing force (active), the resistive destructive force (negative) and the unstable oscillating force (neutralizing).  In all sociotechnocosmic development, forces of oppressing and oppressed exist Yin-Yang with a hidden middle agenda!  The long-term process is called history and history is subjected to the fundamental laws of three and seven where sociocosmic stopinders and their forces/influences create, push, pull, spiral vertically and horizontally into seven fundamental sociotechnocosmic notes with its accompanying 1st lateral sociocosmic octave at the MI-FA Interval and the 2nd lateral sociocosmic octave at the TI-DO Interval.  The law of three and seven are all further subdivided into sub-laws by the 3 basic general laws (Marxian) - the law of unity of sociotechnocosmic opposites, the law of transition of quantitative sociotechnocosmic changes into qualitative sociotechnocosmic leaps and vice versa, and the law of negation of the negation of sociotechnocosmoses, and assisted by all the relevant/related specific laws that are discovered, experimented and verified in the sciences and technologies to date.

Both the enneagram and the harmonic  octave scale can be used to interpret man's social being or society on mother Earth surface at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation under the influence of forces from the 'Will of the Absolute' at the TI-DO Interval in this same ray of creation.  The lesser sociological paradigm becomes the greater sociocosmical paradigm.

Hi, you three-centered gong beings!   Have you forgotten to ask, what, where, how and why you are going?





The main activities of the Fourthway ManHo Center are guided by an understanding of the enneagram principles applied to the three lines of the Work, which on a broad scale include the following 9 fixated enneagramic aspects, namely:


1. The Study of Ideas and Work on the Intellect

2. Group Meetings and Group Work

3. The Movements, Body Works & Other Instinctive Exercises

4. Work on Negative Emotions, Other Emotions & Music

5. Crafts & Household Work

6. Business and Organizational Work

7. Demonstrations

8. Research & Creativity

9. Living with the Opposite Sex, the Children and the Young


This group of 9 fixated enneagramic stopinders of activities are not to become a Yezidian 'oorestaknilkaroolni' or the 'magic circle' drawn by the rod of the legendary monkey God, Mr. Sun Wukong, that can hold one in an exitless magic circle.


1. The Study of Ideas and Work on the Intellect


The activities of the Fourth Way Center cannot really begin without some powerful concept transmitted from an esoteric source.  "Without concepts, we cannot even begin". (Gurdjieff Foundation of California)   So the natural starting point is to critically read and understand the ideas of the Fourth Way School handed down orally or in writing by our predecessors and related ideas from other sources.  The activities would develop the thinking center in the heads of the individual participants by such techniques as:

  • the formal logical methods of analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, generalization, analogy, syllogism, abstraction and judgment

  •  the dialectical logic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis

  • the trioctave logic of triads and octaves

  • the psychophilosophical methods

The methods revolve round the central ideas of the fourth way & its extensions and seek to generate creatively more ideas or linkages of every knowledge and idea potentially capable of a human head. The study of ideas is a process which is in constant motion and unfolding but moving towards internal unity through the Work.

Real knowledge is like a time bomb that could explode if taken piecemeal.  In our hasty life, a participant is prone to accept new ideas, graft them hastily on to his old associative thinking octave and before, they have been verified in the new light of his own observation, find himself "believing" in them and even promoting them automatically.  We are prone to the suggestions of others equally mechanical like us.  To avert this unfortunate tendency, the true ideas are often kept in secret.

The study of ideas is not limited to that from the fourth way school.  To stimulate total freedom of thought development, all other studies are included.  The study of ancient traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Islam and others both from the east and from the west, and the study of the philosophy, the special sciences and engineering technology are encouraged unreservedly in the center to enable holistic integration of the various components of the human psychic system.


2. Group Meetings and Group Work


"What is group meeting?  Ideally, it is a sharing of endeavor and knowledge, a special event in which participants can taste the mystery of moments of a different consciousness, in fact and not in fancy.   Actually, group meetings connected with work on oneself tend to take the form of speculative discussion or to revolve round the person or the organizer or group leader." (Ibid)

The Work can be done at three levels, namely, alone, in a group or across groups and in an organization or across organizations.  In the words of  Man-Ho, the work is best accomplished at the three primary sociocosmic stopinder beings - the Individual (Do), the Group (Re) and Family (Mi) and the Organizations (Fa, So, La & Ti).  It must be noted that the work can occur for all the levels in the whole sociocosmic octave from the individual level (Do), the group level (Re), the family level (Mi), the productive business organizational level (Fa), the state level (So), the nation level (La) and the level of the World of Nations (Ti).

Why the necessity for group meetings?   Gurdjieff says that "only a man who truly realizes the difficulty of awakening can understand the necessity of long and hard work in order to awake .......   But in order to achieve this, a certain number of people must work together .......   A man who wants to awake must look for other people who also want to awake and work with them .......The work must be organized .......And it can be organized only by a man who knows its problems and its aims, who knows its methods; by a man who in his time has passed through such organized work himself."

Generally, each participant enters a preparatory group offering the right group environment for him to verify the authenticity of his observations of himself in expressing them among others.  The exchange of observations and self-inquiry in a group meeting can serve as a means for the transmission and transformation of experience (psyche hydrogens).

Meetings are important, but by no means the only activity of preparatory or established groups.  From time to time, each member has personal work or a personal task with the group leaders or a group work done by all or as a teamwork, and the work of one group might be coordinated with other groups.  At organizational level the work of one organization might be coordinated with other organizations.  With the Internet, which is a newly created sociotechnocosmic communication system, added to the inner sociotechnocosmic dynamics of the Great Body Sociocosmos integrated activities can be coordinated effectively and efficiently at great distances.

Intra- and inter-group meetings help to balance 'I AM' and 'YOU ARE' into 'WE ARE' although it is never easy.  The third line of work is on a "worm body" because a group resembles a worm that has a leader (head) and followers (body/tail) but no well-defined thorax.  A group is a RE-Sociocosmic Stopinder Being and its related note-formation, the family or the Mi-Socicosmic Stopinder Being requires formal and informal meetings for the sociocosmic work and the work on self.  Only an organization proper has that laujinggong that resembles an animal proper that tends to do things formally, in black and white records.


3. The Movements, Body Works & Other Instinctive Exercises


Gurdjieff's teaching has an important aspect known as The Movements & Special Exercises for the body, while mentation is exercised to direct outwards if it is found to be moving inwards and inwards if it is found to be moving outwards.  Our ordinary life finds us locked within a narrow range of unconscious or semi-conscious attitudes, values, psychological and physical postures.  The predetermined movements which Gurdjieff showed are designed to open up new possibilities for seeing these captive habits and understanding the great potential in a freedom of movement.

Special ancient inner exercises provide the structure for seeing oneself, for  cultivating greater awareness of the inner world in relation to the outer world and for the harmonious development of being and knowledge. Through repeating and repeating them, a person would soon come in touch with the real flowing structure of psychic energies within himself that could reflect the real world as it is.  And these new psychic energies would gradually transform the external world as they issue towards it.

It may be pointed out that, under the Gurdjieff system, scarcely anything is taught directly.  No special exercises are given for the development of psychic faculties, no artificial method of training is employed to help memory, or make contact with higher functions. The result is obtained by work and exercises serving the parallel development of the ordinary mental, emotional and moving capacities of the inner world in tune with the development of the forces from the outer world. Sacred dances and movements from ancient traditions of quality and usefulness to the work, from Gurdjieff and from other masters that have their origin from China, India and the Middle East are currently under acquisition, research and development by Fourthway ManHo Center.  An important point of observation regarding these sacred dances is that they are based on the idea that a series of outer postures or movements can help to evoke an inner condition which is closer to a conscious existence or state or unity.  Through the intentional use of melody, rhythm, canon and special postures combined with individual efforts, a particular quality of energy can be found and finer effects of psyche hydrogens experienced in the individuals and the group as a whole.


4. Work on the Negative Emotions, Other Emotions & Music Body


The Gurdjieff music in particular is the main source for developing a harmoniously awakened sound body for the participants of the work.   Other music from various esoteric sources and even the famous classical music are employed for awakening the psychic body.

"Gurdjieff's music produces an inner movement within a man which can manifest as a searching or longing, rather than the satisfaction aimed at by most of the modern arts." (Ibid)

The music from Gurdjieff and his pupils, Thomas de Hartmann, and the music from the "The New World Company" or New Age have a place in our program.  The importance of external input of quality sounds for perfecting our own sound body is an aim sought for by seekers in our group.  Through the input of quality music with conscious sound sensing techniques, disastrous disharmonies from the negative emotions could be corrected.

The negative emotion which is present in most three-brained candidates of our First Experimental Human Repair & Maintenance Biophysiopsycho-Workshop are most attentively observed for harvesting or surgery or usage in other inner transformation for achieving inner development and harmony.  Here at the workshop, this work includes transforming negative attitudes and all specimens on negative behaviors in the human machines especially those rooted from the entropy of our sociotechnocosmic octaves.


5. Crafts & Household Work


A home is a place where humans are born into and becomes their natural habitat.  The family is an important sociocosmic 'concentration' that cannot be dispensed with.  Both DO-& RE-sociocosmoses enter into this MI-sociocosmos as their natural habitat.

"For any real lasting change to take place, it may be exactly in these activities that we most need to observe and study ourselves, since it is from them that we spend most of our lives ...  So, household work, such as building, carpentry, home decoration and repairs of all kinds, cooking, sewing, gardening, and household related secretarial services, can be very useful to students  "(Ibid)

Crafts is an outlet of creative energies and would be relevant for the work except that the process of creation has to be experienced consciously.  "Regular craft activities include pottery, weaving, painting, embroidery, wood and metal work, sculpture, printing, writing and the translation of texts." (Ibid)

However, this natural family habitat has fallen prey to the aggressive "hawk" of one of the FA-sociocosmoses which includes the worrisome much abused oskiano service provider sociocosmic beings known as 'ordinary schools' which could not escape from the 48 sets of mechanical laws that gradually degrade them into 'dangerous education factories' with many sleep-waking abnormal student-canning oskianers administering the young pre-responsible age beings.


6. Business, Humanitarian & Other Organizational Work


A person at responsible age would find himself caught in productive activities that bring forth goods, services and ideas into the world through the already existing sociocosmic stopinders known in contemporary terms as business organizations, regulatory organizations or just organizations in general.  The mandate of sociocosmic involvement comes for him independent of his will, consciousness and sleep-wake life and due to his position in the Ray of Creation which is subjected to World 48 and World 96 laws, and further he could not maintain a stable supply of World 12 hydrogens and seriously lacks the ability to produce hydrogen 6 matters in his body.  This organization would consume at least 8 hours of his precious life-time per day, about 6 days per week and throughout his working life with occasional holidays or leave breaks allowed by the organization.  Man begets this into the physical world outside from his inner "sociocosmic instinct" which has almost instantly, after its immediate formation, coated his own physical body en masse in a way that he can no longer dismantle it although he can change it, thus enslaving him truly in World 48 and World 96, and subjecting him into the terrible laws of solioonensius.

Since this sociocosmic captivity for individuals could not be dispensed with, it would work best to utilize business activities in a sly way for the realization of the Work-On-Self.   Participants are required to become awake to the 5-centered pressure on their body and work on themselves and the external stopinder constraints to their inner growth and the growth of his sociocosmic stopinder of concern maintaining the awareness of the main concentrations typical of a business stopinder, namely, Profit, Asset, Sales, Production, Size, etc. The basic Laws of Three and the Laws of Seven continue to apply in our inner bodies which then generate the sociotechnocosmic octaves and materializes all the observable sociocosmic stopinders within the organic film.

The work program would include training the participants to develop the art of manipulating their outer world variables which consist mainly of:


  • the environmental variables such as the political-legal, the economic, the technological, the sociocultural variables which are believed "to be uncontrollable"

  • the contemporary favorite's direct environmental variables such as the suppliers, the customers, the unions, the interests groups, the regulators, the competitors, etc. which are believed "to be partially controllable"

  • the internal elements of the bosses or the directors or the owners, the management team, the operation workers which are believed "to be controllable"

  • the production operating system itself which are also believed "to be controllable"


The third line of work also involves organizational work which is a sociocosmic work on the 4th, 5th and the 6th sociocosmic stopinder beings.  At these level of sociocosmic work, understanding 'real and matured politics' which is so vital here is not possible in a sleep-wake life of ordinary men.  The goal of Fourthway ManHo Center is to develop both the individual inner work as well as the sociocosmic work essentially within the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd sociocosmic stopinder. Depending on whether you are a director of an organization, or its manager, or its operations worker, the nature of the socio-individual work-on-self or work on organization will be differently directed.  Whether it is your own organization or someone else's, your inner and outer sociotechnocosmic energies will influence, attract and repel you, redirect and reposition your 'I's and 'it's from time to time seeking new balances, harmony and understanding at a higher and higher level, and if they are able to rise and function at such higher levels in the presence of  real 'I AM', real 'YOU ARE', real "WE ARE", real "THEY ARE" and real "WE ALL ARE", then more conscious and awakened stopinder being-organizations will be formed along the mechanical sociocosmic octave.  The materials from this sociotechnocosmic octave, also presence in abundance in us realized en masse into the external world, are of great value for the WORK for it is the most abundant and most active octave amongst all other types of octaves manifesting in the organic film on Mother Earth's surface, that poses the biggest challenge to all the seekers.

The business octaves of Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC) are expressed through MRD, MMC, MTD and the Holistic Point notably, the 4 Body Shoppe & the Holistic Touch in the functions of research, consultancy, training, education and facilitation. They are the few functions that may easily delude one into departing from the essencely individual-based development of the original fourth way mission. Seekers are required to exercise with care in a sly manner not to let the business octaves found in their body vehicles as well as outside, which they can never be able to dispense with in life, become the essence "passenger" in their life.


The Business KundAd Stream

The KundAdStream is the name we give to a very popular arising phenoumenon during the capitalist period of sociotechnocosmic evolution and involution of the body sociocosmoses whereby the forces of multi-automarketing feeding exchanges have taken on sophisticated forms without much alteration of its fundamental mission and goals, and these forces flow in the internet KundAd Stream en masse with its army of advertisements and the like, the effects of which  have trapped one into 'always seeing reality upside-down' and enjoying  the wants of the routine functions of the body constantly  filtering out most truths through the Kundabuffer!  KundAdStream is Kundabuffer + Advertisement + Stream, a 3-in-1 word developed to associate market driven forces with spiritual or mind-driven properties in our body whereby capitalistic and/or socialistic accumulation of wealth is its driven-essence.  The 2 banks of the stream and all its branches act as buffers to prevent trapped fishes (advertisements) or  'I's from leaving the kunda-capitalis waters or even the kunda-socialis waters of our current historical period, that is, the last 1/2 decan of the tailed-end of Pisces to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

There is above all always a sociotechnobiocosmic content in the mind centers of man, the nature and identities of this content is historically different from period to period in the sociotechnobiocosmic history of man and in the natural evolution and involution of the bodies in man in close connection to a base - the complete material production of everything in the Real Worlds - in World One, World Two and World Three. 

(Added in April 1, 2019)


The humanitarian octaves of Fourthway ManHo Center is not tied to a specific religion, race, creek or national.  It is the gradual realization of humanitarian administrative, humanitarian project and humanitarian funding presence to the gradual revitalization of the individuals including some of his/her or the group's sociotechnocosmoses without quotation mark.


7. Demonstrations


The Fourth Way Center  does not exist apart from the life of the culture or the community as it is a sociocosmic component that makes the whole society.  It has its neighbors to "emanate" to, and to participate in all places where conditions favor potential conscious development against mechanical life.

"From time to time, the public is offered demonstrations of the movements, lectures, films, publications, displays or exhibitions of craft work.  Certain activities are undertaken especially with the intention of experiencing and studying something of the current accelerated interest in Gurdjieff and Ouspensky." (Ibid)


8. Research & Creativity


Unreserved and unlimited research into everything within the means of the individual and the availability of inputs for the in-roads leading to creation from each individual in the center is the core of the work.  Participants are expected to search, research and demonstrate creativity in the fourth way cause.  All other relevant causes are also welcome!


9. Living with the Opposite Sex, the Children, the Adult and the Old


In an organizational sociocosmic stopinder, the horizontal is a stick with two poles - a positive yang or male principle and a negative yin or female principle - and the vertical is a hierarchy inclined to 3 layers where you can find the children, the adults and the old living together.

For the adult and the old: "A way of life cannot be complete without a specific part devoted to children, both for their own benefit and for the light which a child throws on the inner  state of grown people around him." (Ibid)

Our own girlfriends (boyfriends), spouses, children, peers, students and colleagues are the areas where movement activities, folk dances, drama and music, crafts, karma interaction, etc. can take place.

"Work with children for harmonious development are particularly effective and produce strong emotions to both parties alike.  Children are very receptive to the real ideas received in listening to fables, myths and fairy tales of traditional origin but what can reach them for their future well-being may depend not only - or not so much - on the story itself but on the degree to which its meaning has been understood and digested in the mind of the reader." (Ibid)



The Choice of the Physical Body of an Organization


1. The Protein-Based Body of the Individual


The physical body that coated us is essentially a protein-based body, turgid, elastic, living, growing and gradually dies.  It begins as a zygote after conception of the male and the female elements and continue to establish its 3 basic organocosmic stopinders ~ cell, tissue and organ ~ and bio-octavizes into a complete human being. The Work-On-Self includes the work on this physical body of the individual.


2. The Material Body of the Group and/or the Organization


Although the physical body of an organization (fa) of any traditional religion is normally in the form of a temple, a church or a mosque or of various unique shapes and cultural memes, and the physical body of its informal group (re & mi) tends to happen in a house near an alter  not much different from the larger mechanical sociotechno-auto-octavized formal ones, the physical body of a "Fourth Way Organization", like the traditional ones, tends to be unshaped and often demonstrates all possible types of physical housing from do through ti.  So the physical body of a Fourth Way "organization" can be an octagon, a factory, an organic architecture building, any service entity, a reproductive organ for humans (house), a "political party" body, a governmental body, a United Nation agency, etc. for which reduced-oppression sociocosmic dongjinggongs will be housed in them instead of the earlier modernized-oppressive laujinggongs. The esotericity must be present in essence and not just in words.

"Esoterically high should it be regarded if it can also be present without a physical body or a laujinggong or a dongjinggong for the essence of the Work is always centered on living individuals.


Maurice Nicoll, MD wrote:


"The Work is not a building, a place, a book, a system, dogma or tradition.  The Work is something that lives in the hearts of men or women --- if they can find it"


As dilution of the hydrogens gathers due to a fall in density of psychic vibrations which move the real school to an 'institute in quotation mark' the physical body of the organization becomes more like an aid memoir sleep-producing comfort house for continuous sleeping.  This defeats the ultimate aim of the Work as hydrogen 6, hydrogen 12 and even hydrogen 24 become scantily produce-able in the centers of the individuals in the group or organization.


Using Body Work Tools, Equipment and Machines for Work Support


Besides an inner work on the centers by conscious labor and intentional suffering or 'Being-Partkdolg Duty' guided by the 5 Obligolnian Strivings that trans-ascends a being from World 96 and World 48, up to World 24, up to World 12 and then World 6,  supportive external tools and hi-tech machines are also used to facilitate this ultimate goal.  In view of a reality in the technocosmic vibration that has become active after the "stone age" period of three-brained beings and in view that this octave has also blended as the operating system and mainly in the 1st & 2nd physical body of the sociotechnocosmic stopinders, the opposing concepts of the  'natural' or 'nature-created' and the 'artificial & industrial'  or 'man-made & sponsored'  will have to be reconciled in the trinity with the latter been gradually accepted as "natural" and necessary "companions" or "supporters" from the futuristic World of the AI beings.  The WORK on ourselves must learn to steer in the waters of the mandatory and indispensable quantitative changes of socioctechnocosmic evolution and the periodic qualitative transformations of sociotechnocosmic revolution that follow them.  The WORK is the hardest and the most challenging especially during the period of sociotechnocosmic revolutions in history if there is WORK that able to exist at all!


Using Nature and the Ecologically Balanced Environment for the 'Work' based on HEIGRENS Concept and Principles


Observing, seeing and sensing everything in the outer world and at the same time sensing oneself as a member in the environment including one's own inner world, and striving to view everything in a single-flow of diversity, and seek for the ecologically balanced is the principle of using nature and environment ecologically.  The environment which we are referring to is not pure nature's environment but the one that ecologically blends harmoniously a combination consisting mostly of nature octaves with reduced participation of the sociocosmic and technocosmic beings.

The beauties of Great Nature, the skies, the stars and the beautiful zarooaries (sociotechnocosmic cities) can become the  ecology wonder of wakefulness where this natural and ecologically balanced environment is used for the 'Work'.  However, some might just be sleep inducers or kimespai, the oil of the terror of the situation that always 'allowing-one-not-to-sleep-in-peace'.

At our center, we created a natural micro-environment and maintain a biodynamic balance and harmony of biocosmic beings by introducing the concept and principles of biocosmic beings as complemetary and secondary biocosmic sub-gravity-centers of some common beings to revolve around us humans as the main biocosmic gravity-center.  These biocosmic beings include substantial but limited numbers of trees and flowering plants, fishes of the RE-Biocosmic Stopinder Octave, roosters and pigeons of the SO-Biocosmic Stopinder Octave, cats and hamsters of the LA-Biocosmic Stopinder Octave  ........ all these biocosmic sub-gravity-centers together with the Sociocosmic gravity-centers are our low tech natural experimental specimen for our biosocio-dynamism studies.  We put in action a HEIGRENS concept and principles as well as practice, create and natural ecosystem and explore the possibility of  an acceptable outcome.


A Blend of Natural Sounds of Roosters and Chicks with Plants 


Using Man-Made Premises, Buildings, Facilities and Various Built Environment


Premises are necessary for many types of indoor activities.  They can be leased for a period, rented for a single use or owned for for permanent long-term usage. It is important to holistically blend these premises with the natural environment to be effective for the WORK.




Participation is open to all persons interested in the ideas of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, all the fourth way major players and the works of Tan Man-Ho.  Formal and regimented activity schedules are seldom deliberated for the volunteers.  The basis of gathering, time and venue choice is upon invitation, mutual arrangement or appointment or on call.


Regular Study Circle Participation


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