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Born on February 6, 1953 in Kluang, Malaysia, Tan Man-Ho (Chen Wan-He) was already known as a critical philosophy thinker and writer after completing his work A Philosophy of Material Reflection (1971-1975) before he was introduced to the Work in 1975 through his colleague the deceased Mr. Shamsher Singh whom he respected as one of the remarkable individuals. Subsequently, he maintained close contact with him for the next 15 years during which he developed through conscious labor and intentional suffering the permanent 'I' of the Work. During this period, even without his teacher's knowledge initially, he began writing his Real World Views series, a 23 books series which was "completed" in May 1997, seven years after they have "separated" in 1990.

In 1990, Tan Man Ho relocated from the center of being-'Johor' and stayed in the southern region of the state of this sociocosmic being-'Johor' which later a new sociotechnocosmic 'I AM'  initiated by power-possessing beings of the 5th level of the sociocosmic octave there witnessed the creation of a new futuristic sociotechnocosmic zarooarian seed now fully known in the world as being-'Iskandar' whose name is derived from the mystical ancient powerful being known as 'Alexander the Great'.  Having made reflective observation on a daily basis of the rapid growth of this Iskandar seed and also its supportive umblical nursing at the early infantile stage by a neigboring matured sociotechnocosmic 'I AM' already known in the world as the successful being-'Singapore' and another distant one again fully and worldly known as being-'China', this futuristic HEIGRENS principled Iskandar being will successfully grow into a great and mature sociocosmic zarooaritopia of the last note of a zarooarian octave.  Key words begin to form rapidly in the spiritual stopinders of biped-beings there such as 'Forest City' (G), 'Holistic Development' (H), 'Educity' (E), 'Integrative Development' (I), 'Sustainable Iskandar' (S) 'EcoWorld' (shades of I, G, N, etc) ... and these words will become common language very soon.

Mr. Shamsher Singh died in February 8, 1997. A further 2 books in the Real World Views series were completed in 2004 making the set to 22 books and a final book 23 is on completion by 2020.

He also wrote some singled titled books such as An Inquiry into the Nature and Process of Privatization and Economic Reforms, On the Possibility of Transforming the Captive Communication and Behavioral Styles in a Manager and translated Orage's On Love into the Malay Language.

In general, the works of Tan Man-Ho began in 1970 and the whole work can be divided into 3 categories, A. B and C based on the depth of the subject matter, client segment and specific titles.

The category A works are psychophilosophical books specializing in the innovative development of new ideas, methods, approaches, dimensions and paradigms irrespective of areas of concentration. The major areas of concern and contribution to humanity are directed towards the study of man, the study of nature, the study of society and the study of the universe. The studies are currently recorded in 23 books under a title: Real World Views (but previously known as Views from the Real World - Series I through 23). This is the most important essence contribution in his life work.

The Category B works are management consultancy project papers, published and submitted for organizations and clients.  The project papers covers more than 20 types of related and non-related industries, ranging from car air-con. retail, remanufacturing & recycling, plastics remanufacturing & recycling, hospitality & tourism, housing development & construction, spring manufacturing, auto repair service, car A/C compressor remanufacturing, wood-based furniture cum interior decoration, garment manufacturing, plastic recycling, bakery ingredients manufacturing, bakery & confectionery retailing, privatization project of Central Johor Bahru Town Council, events management, paper recycling, integrated poultry farming, hotels & resorts and scraps business.  Some of his project papers have been successful for funding from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism of Malaysia. This work is his second major contribution to the well-being of what he calls, in Gurdjieffian style, the "sociocosmic stopinder beings" of the "Periodic Table of the Sociocosmic Octaves". Besides developing the periodicity of the sociocosmic stopinders, he has also developed the periodicity of the biocosmic and the technocosmic stopinders. The biocosmic stopinders are developed in accordance with the Linnean Taxonomy of  Biological Life but with a difference that in his periodicity of the biocosmic stopinders the principles of the laws of trialectics and the laws of octave are applied. The formal Linnean Taxonmony is based on formal logical conventional classification with no inclusion or attempt or perhaps no knowledge about the possible operation and motion of the laws of three and seven in the evolution of life. The general application of the Tri-Octave Theory to the understanding of biology, sociology and technology, and cosmology (Gurdjieff-Ouspenskian) is unique to the works of Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho.

The Category C works are specific titled books of the author. These include A Philosophy of Material-Reflection: 1971-1975, An Inquiry into the Nature and Process of the Recent Privatization and Economic Reforms, On the Possibility of Transforming the Captive Communication and Behavioral Styles in a Manager, A Treatise on the Development of Noumenal Reflection, Psychic Centers and Psyche Hydrogens, Tentang Kasih Sayang and The 6S+2UP Good Corporate Housekeeping Enneagram

Dr. Tan Man-Ho was a one-time government teacher, a lecturer and is currently a professor, a management consultant, a researcher and an author. He has a certificate in Education with additional professional training in education management, a diploma in Advanced Production Engineering, a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Doctor of Letters degree in Psychophilosophy.  He is a doctor member of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers, UK.  He is also a one time affiliate broker to OPEC investments global financial management and financing company for large scale offshore project financing. He became a director of JB City View Hotel Sdn. Bhd.  He is also a director of Holistic Touch Sdn. Bhd. where he partnered with his co-founder Mr. Teh Gi -Ya to assist his Holistic Point Touch Initiative mission. Dr. Tan is a member of the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMSS) and the Malaysia Society for Complementary Therapies (MSCT).  In February 15, 2011 he received a Certificate from UNESCO-Bangkok for having completed the e-learning series on Information and Communication Technology in Education.

He has also mentored, supervised and evaluated many research theses and research project assignments for St. Clements University students and a few more from other universities.  He also has more than 30 years of teaching, lecturing and research experience.

He is also active in corporate training, freelance lecturing and conducts workshops, seminars, N-logues, etc.

He is the founder of Fourthway ManHo Center, ManHo Management Consultancy and the World Peace Assembly of Malaysia.  He has authored more than 23 books and research papers for the Fourthway ManHo Center and more than 50 research project papers for corporate clients through ManHo Management Consultancy. (Refer to the National Library of Malaysia)

He is St. Clements University  professor of psychophilosophy and is the course director for the faculty of psychophilosophy for St. Clements University currently in-charge of the psychophilosophy general focus degree programs and the natural psychophysical therapy specific focus degree programs.  He is also the academic counselor of St. Clements University and the head of St. Clements University Alumni - Malaysian Chapter.

His works on the 'Real World Views' (23 Books) earned him a place in the world of 'Real World Fourth Way' school and he became one of the prominent creative but serious fourth way writers in a world where such knowledge and understanding is needy and growing.  Currently, he is still doing research in the development of the knowledge and understanding of the sociotechnocosmic octave and the future world of "spiritual" machines in this octave. This is his main contributing areas to living Fourth Way and Enneagram principles practitioners everywhere in the world.

On December 7, 2005, the Governing Board of Editors of the American Biographical Institute (ABI) has selected and proclaimed Tan Man-Ho as a Great Mind of the 21st Century (2005) due to significant accomplishments within, and mastery of Psychophilosophy as documented in the 2005 Edition of GREAT MINDS OF THE 21st CENTURY which is reserved for men and women whose accomplishments and influence are the result of Superior Conditioning of the Intellect.  He was also nominated as Man of the Year 2005 by ABI.  In recognition of outstanding contributions to international communities and life success for the betterment of society and services to humankind his works has been dedicated in the 2005/2006 Edition of the Great Minds of the 21st Century. The American Biographical Institute, the publisher of biographical reference directories since 1967 and whose Governing Board of Editors with over 100 years of combined experience in biographical documentation, has named him one of the 500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century (2006) and one of the greatest minds of the 21st Century (2007) due to dedicated and influential successes in the field of Psychophilosophy. In 2007 he was conferred the title of Genius Laureate (ABI) of Malaysia, a title which goes beyond entry and to be won with pride.  The biographical listing was published in 500 Greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century (Premier Edition, Copyright2009, ISSN 1940-8498 by the American Biographical Institute, USA).  He was listed in the Dictionary of International Biography (34th Edition, Copyright2008, ISBN 978 1903986 30 1 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK)

In June 2008, he accepted the International Biographical Centre (IBC) office as the Vice President of the World Congress of Arts, Science and Communications, Cambridge, UK. In July 3, 2008, he was edicted as a non-diplomatic American Biographical Institute (ABI) Sovereign Ambassador in the ABI Order of American Ambassadors (O.A.A). He was appointed as a Charter Fellow Advisory Directorate International by ABI in July 25, 2008.

He is registered and designated as a Doctor of Humanitarian Service by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM, Registered No. WDHS/2949) and appointed Assembly Member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine-Clinics for Humanity on 26th May 2008. WONM is established per World Health Organization Alma Ata 1978 Declaration, and awarded International Accreditation and Recognition by Parlement Mondial, under International Law Status recognized by the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963.  He is a registered practitioner (TCM, Reference No. 20091222208) with the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health  Malaysia under the complementary therapies category.  He is active in the International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI) programs.

In August 2010, by the evidence of his works, Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho was honored Ambassador of Knowledge by ABI at University of Cambrdige, St. John's College, United Kingdom during the 2010 World Forum.

In August 30, 2007, Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho was appointed as a diplomatic and international lobbyist volunteer for the Parlement Mondial's peace ambassador.  His activities have being low profiled and modest.  He made trips to Ratchaburi, Thailand to assist the appointment of the Ratchaburi Governor and Director General of the Provincial Administration of Thailand H.E. Dr. Vongsak Swasdipanich as Parlement Mondial Senator.  At the same time, he assisted the appointment of the State Minister of Sabah, Malaysia, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok as Parlement Mondial Senator.  He made a trip to Cambodia to assist the honoring of H E Samdach Akkak Moha Sena Padey Dekjo Hun Sen the then Prime Minister of Cambodia as Parlement Mondial Senator-for-Life.  He made 2 trips to Papua New Guinea between 2007 and 2008. The first upon invitation by the Timothy Bonga, MP for Naweb, PNG for diplomatic and international lobbying of Parlement Mondial candidatures and met Jeffery Nape, Speaker of the Parliament in Papua New Guinea 2007. The second which was unofficial for further discussion.  His diplomatic and international lobbyism slowed down at the end of 2008.  However, on January 4, 2010 he was appointed as Special Advisor to the Parlement Mondial Ambassador.  This time he became active again and successfully secured an official invitation by the Foreign Minister of PNG to visit PNG.

In January 15, 2011, he was appointed for a year's service (One Year Voluntary Service) by His Majesty Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara, Uganda Republic as a voluntary Representative to Malaysia.

In February 11, 2011, he received The US President's Volunteer Service Award from the White House, Washington, USA and a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama.  He received the Order of the Knights of Rizal from the Philippines on March 26, 2011 which entitled him for a 'Sir' and became a Knight Commander Rizal (KCR) by the end of the year.  He also received an award with honor from UNESCO-Greece for his offer to education and culture in the same month. 

(Great Minds of the 21st Century - Greatest Minds of the 21st Century Section
 American Biographical Institute, 2007 Edition)


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