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"Fourth Way Centers all over the world have come together conveniently with the advent of the internet service world-wide and the word Fourth Way has become a common name used by those schools, research institutions and organizations that are linked to the works of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and pupils of such related schools of thought. The Fourthway ManHo Center is one of the Fourth Way Centers in the world."


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FMC THE FOURTHWAY MANHO CENTER 200203009774 (JM 0349891-H) was initially established by Tan Man-Ho in October 1, 1998 as a virtual corporation and incorporated as "Fourthway ManHo Center" (FMC) in January 22, 2002 in Malaysia.  Prior to this date, in the 1975's and in a small town called Kluang in Malaysia, Tan Man Ho started doing research and seek truths about an esoteric knowledge.  This is done in the name of The Center for All-Round Development (The CARD) under the leadership and guidance of the deceased Shamsher Singh who was a great friend in the small group of conscious individuals seriously in search of truth and in the partkdolg-duty for self-transformation  through the Work.  During that time, much of the work was done through the individuals and in small groups. The CARD was dissolved in the year 1990.  Then all of us separated and move independently.

Initially, the group's search, exploration and discovery were difficult.  The 'Work' mission and the journey were filled with much distraction, and hard work was indispensable for the inner transmutation of its members.  Movements for inner work are taken from everywhere.  Shamsher Singh has been in the Fourth Way for about 20 years by the time Tan Man Ho met him in 1975, and at that time Man-Ho had just begun to  integrate his accumulated research findings and experience with the works of the fourth way school.  It seemed there was no end to the search and each time the circle of search grew wider and wider as if to embrace all and everything.  At CARD, the small group studied all writings from exponents of the Fourth Way School notably G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, J. G. Bennett, Maurice Nicoll, all fourth way related thinkers and many more great works mostly of esoteric origin.  They studied music, both esoteric, classical and modern, and actively work through "movements" such as Taiji Quan, Yoga, Pranayama, Qigong, Waidangong, etc. During this time Tan Man-Ho was in communication with Lord John Pentland (Gurdjieff Foundation of California) through formal letters, Kenneth Walker, and  the group maintained regular contact with members of the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Beings (IDHHB) and a few more individuals of the fourth way school.

During this period of the 1980's, he communicated with numerous emerging individuals from various groups in the west, notably, philosopher Jan Cox, Madame Bourgault of IDHHB, Barbara Probst of Remar Productions, Inc., E.J Gold, Robert L. McWhinney of Traditional Studies Press, Nancy Christie of IDHHB, Margaret Burton and Peggy Burton of IDHHB, Larry Altman President of the American Society for Continuous Education, Inc., Iven Lourie of Gateways Books, Claude Needham and a few others.

During the period of much sociocosmic perturbation and the cold wars, peace was much yearn for by mankind. The center was named to imply peace. The word "ManHo" is derived from the Chinese Hokkien dialect.  "Man" (pronounced as ma:n ) means "Ten Thousand" or "10,000".  It can also mean "All".  "Ho" (pronounced as ho) means "peace" or "good".  "ManHo" means "Ten Thousand Peace" or "All Peace" or "Ten Thousand Good" or "All Good".  Fourth Way refers to a way to inner development that originates from the two remarkable individuals, G. I Gurdjieff and P. D Ouspensky, which implies that besides the 3 traditional ways normally practiced by Piscean religious traditions - the way of the fakir (the 1st Way), the way of the monk (the 2nd Way) and the way of the yogi (the 3rd Way) -  there is a 4th Way of Aquarius periodicity that can produce the same result and even quicker, that has the knowledge and the techniques of all the other traditional ways, and employs newer methods and techniques from both ancient and modern perspectives.  Real World Way attempts to venture beyond possible "limitations" from  its original  basic human cum cosmic focused Fourth Way, and to strive to explore  the Outer World, known from an Inner World such as from us, for its "other" Cosmic Inner World(s) at a higher-or- lower levels of being, ... and depositing lower density matters of vibration for ourselves and completing the holistic  paradigm for inner balance.

During this period, Dr. Shamsher Singh has a collection of writings and Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho has written more than 20 books in the period during and after the 15 years of the Work together with the great friend.  At that time, none of the writings of the great friend has been published even after his death in February 8, 1997 but the writings of Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho was gradually released in April 1996 about a year earlier.

Somewhere in the 1970's the works of Man-Ho detoured towards a research interest in the outer world of business activity and identified a factor in man, not specifically expoused in detail in all of Gurdjieff's, Ouspensky's and the major players' works a significantly hidden body of knowledge in the Real World Fourth Way paradigm but known by them, which is:  that outer crystallized produce of humanity such as groups, families, organizations, states, nations, etc. are directly produced from the unsuspecting hidden inner psychology of man as he procreates in the trialectical process of man and woman for which he never seems to see when running Aquarian profitable, capital accumulative businesses and managing gigantic production operations systems while been Pisceanly "holy" at the same time.

This research process of Man-Ho had gradually accumulated a lot of data on the examples, nature and properties of  hydrogens in  World 96, World 48 and World 6 which is more and more mechanically operating in the psychological body of every contemporary modern man.  Although laws are abundant in this psychological vibration that are worsen by the physical technocosmic coatings to their structures with low densities matter, nevertheless, the bioshpere, the technosphere, the noosphere and the sociosphere settle into a reality and is somewhat in fragile equilibrium. Many real world examples of the operations of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven, and the detail studies of numerous enneagrams have been carefully mapped out in the now 22 volumes of the Real World Views Series.

In July 19,1995 ManHo Management Consultancy (MMC) was legally established in a humble philosophy to provide consultancy services to sociocosmic stopinders or "organizations" in contemporary business  jargon to materialize the flow of the CARD philosophy to the sociocosmic concentrations.  This led to more writings regarding the nature of sociocosmic organizations or corporate beings, and the way the fourth way work-on-self will evolve and accelerate through the sociocosmic and the technocosmic realities of the outer world, without hurriedly pressuring the inner world towards the GREAT ONE before treading the knowledge and understanding of the outer and the inner worlds.  The outer world is the source of impression, air and ordinary foods absorbed and digested by man to produce the inner world but stopinderingly integrated through the ascending octave that terminates at finer hydrogens and continues in the descending octave to the outer world, and vice-versa.

By instilling greater awareness in people it is possible to contribute in a "small" way towards the maintenance of  peace, harmony and well being of the already crystallized 'sociotechnocosmoses and their subsequent "radiation" in World 48 and 96 of Our Own Inner Ray of Creation for which we have coated it as a further physical extension of Ourselves from materials in the outside world.

In 1998, the Fourthway ManHo Center was established in the cyber internet as a time-functional virtual corporation to guide all the other functional centers in the Real World and at the same time to be managed by them.


The Fourthway ManHo Center does not seek to finalize or tin-canned "missions, visions & philosophies" or to repeat parrot-like the teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky like a religion and therefore producing teaching "clones" of lower levels.  Its real mission is to assist a possible Aquarian emergence of a man no. 7 (with Piscean characteristics) for the Age of Aquarius, which it does not positively hope or expect it to succeed.  The journey to Man no. 7 or the "coming-of-Christ" or "the-coming-of -next-prophet-after-the-last-prophet" is like YOU now moving in an ellipse with a Man no. 7 carrot hanging some distance away in front of your nose where you can never touch it.  Someone else will decide the symbolic recognition for "YOU" only after your death even if it is far from the truth or the real situation as it is.

The first super seed of the Aquarian emergence was planted in the 18th-19th Century towards the end of the Piscean Age with numerous emerging enlightened individuals coming into the historical scene.  The Great Age of Enlightenment is the enlightenment of the intellectual center reasoning of the Age of Aquarius (ending Age of Pisces and beginning Age of Aquarius) and it is associated with scientific revolution.  It is called Siècle des Lumières (French) and Aufklärung (German).  Some of these "prophets" of reasons are Francis Bacon, Descartes, Locke, Spinoza, Cesare Beccaria, Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, David Hume, Adam Smith, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Mozart, Goethe, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, etc.  Their higher thinking centers were developed but the necessary balance to become Man No. 7 is questionable .........

FMC's supporting aim is to  posit seemingly permanent weltanshauungs or world views for guidance as follows:

  • To strive for the arising of a fully developed being or higher being in ourselves and in others that is balanced, harmonious, creative and transformational

  • To work continuously on all the psychological faculties of thinking, feeling, moving, instinct and sex in a direction of developing individual potentials, innovatively, integratively and holistically

  • To be responsible to our self and our neighbors, other living creatures, organizations and sociotechnical systems, Mother Earth, cosmic beings and nature's own generative processes

  • To ensure the mission is guided by the golden principles of impartial verification, unbounded inner stopindering and continuous search for truth

Philosophy & Vision

The psymattergic forces (forces from psychic-based energy matter) that come from our self, that come from the existing tritocosmoses (Organic Life), the biocosmoses (biological beings especially human being), the sociotechnocosmoses (humans + production operation systems + ordinary machines + "cyberin" or "psychic" or "spiritual" machines), the sociocosmoses (variations of the fundamentals of individual, group & organization), the geocosmos (Mother Earth), all other cosmic beings (our sun and the stars) and from nature's own seven processes - birth, growth, mature, conflict, decline, destruction and death -  are in constant change (law of three) and moving in discontinuities (law of seven), leading to risky disharmonious development in human living causing chronic human suffering.

From century to century during the Age of Pisces, when the call for right positioning and right balancing of human living and experience was required, Sacred Individuals from Above (of Piscean essence with Objective Conscience focus) ~ three-brained, saintly and cosmic with abundance in their bodies of Hydrogens 6 particles received from Above but through the ascending Work preparation here on Earth ~ were sent to the human race to save & liberate them from both inner and outer world catastrophes, and each of them only played His specific role and inconclusive in His mission.  And various types of resulting  sociocosmic organizations (groups, families, companies, factories, commercial complexes, regulatory bodies and agencies, governments, institutes, associations, even "esoteric" schools, universities, churches, mosques, temples, etc. ) and their cultural memes or sociogenetic codes, hitherto, were initially begotten consciously  to channel the human spirit on a sociocosmic scale  in the 'directions' predetermined by active forces from Above through the Great Ray of Creation, but then gradually, semi-consciously and unconsciously diluted to mechanicality, final human oppression and slavery at the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The beginning of the Age of Aquarius has witnessed new type of Sacred Individuals also from Above (of Aquarian Essence with Objective Reason focus).  These Sacred Individuals belong to the 'inner circle of humanity' or 'C'- Issuer Beings - truly Great Minds without Quotation Marks or Man No. 7.

The philosophy of the FMC, in view of this understanding, could perceive itself as a simple organizational instrument for people interaction, irrespective of race, creek & religion or irreligion, that will tap on human faculties to their fullest in a spirit of harmonious cooperation and development within the framework of right balance amongst the seven psymattergic factors of eternal emanation, namely, from self, from the  tritocosmoses (tritosphere), from the other biocosmoses (biosphere), from the technocosmoses (technosphere), from the sociocosmoses (sociosphere), from Mother Earth (geosphere) and from the other cosmic bodies (cosmosphere).  No matter how brilliant or how great or how developed an individual or a sociocosmic stopinder being or contemprary humanity claims itself to be, the actual level of perfection is still a distance away from the full potential that it should actually be as a real being without quotation mark.

Except for cosmosphere, all the above stated spheres operate in the fundamental cosmic stopinder known as Earth and the psyche subjected to laws belonging to World 48.  The Work is meant to reduce the later psychic dimension to World 12 within the World 48 inner psychic environment where a high degree of ONEness becomes presence in YOU ~ as the ancient Chinese monk called "Koan-nnnng" from the one-tone heavenly bell, or "OM" from the Indian Yogi's Mantra or "STOP Command" from one of the Fourth Way teachers or diads such as "Heng-Haah" or "Al-Lah"  from various schools that work on 'thoughts-emotions-and-actions'.

Esoteric Long-Term Goals & Exoteric Secondary Objectives

Very unfortunately and unbelieving to you is a truth that could not be taken lightly or lied, that the center's original essence direction and ultimate possible "impossible" mission or esoteric long-term goal is the humble facilitation for the possible emergence of an octave (seven) of man no. 7s for the 21st Century.  Having done this it would consider its mission completed.  To date it has not developed any such real individuals (beings) to this level including the founder himself who is merely one of the instruments facilitating human transformation in a small way, in its own way depending on his level of conscious development alone.  So it is strictly speaking not a Fourth Way School but rather an "institute in quotation mark" or just a fourth way "center", and moves away or towards the school in either direction.  Having registered as a sociocosmic stopinder and chosen web surfacing to the public at the expense of losing density of vibration as a penalty in the eyes of unsuspicious reader in this manner, it wants to tell you that by doing this it intents to survive a little longer than a supposedly  real presence of a real school, that is, as the saying goes: By the husk without the meat, or by appearance without the essence, if necessary.

FMC understands its dualism as an esoteric Fourth Way School and as an "institute in quotation mark".  When there are higher men (men functioning using Psyche Hydrogen H6 fuel), it will become an esoteric school with truly conscious men, otherwise, as it currently is, is merely an "institute" with A-like and B-like objectives and at most a business philosophy and scientific institute with mesoteric characteristics where the inner world of its members is running on the lower hydrogens fuels of World 48 (subjected to 48 sets of laws of trioctaves at Earth level in the Ray of Creation) and World 96 (96 sets of mechanical laws of fragmented "corpses" at Moon level in the Ray of Creation).  If conditions, with the presence of hydrogens 6 fuels, are favorable it can function one level below a real esoteric school.  This quantum dynamics cannot be distinguished clearly and the possibility of both will always remain even together.  Its level of esotericity will strictly depend on the level of  being of the real individuals  inside this sociocosmic stopinder or the  associating stopinder.  It will hold the banner of a Real Fourth Way School with real C influences only when at least one man number 7 incubates from within or enters  from outside into the center and  fueling the human bodies of its members with abundant rare H6 matters.

The center does not pretend to be one such esoteric school when most "esoteric" schools on planet Earth often claim themselves to be.  Most activities of FMC will require deeper understanding of nature, society, conscious awareness, synergies, and all known or newly discovered or invented methods & ways, unreservedly, to improve the quality of their own life on this planet.

People come to the center solely 'TO BE' and the process of their creativity receives some sincere guidance and supervision or mentorship, and the results often serve their immediate purposes, A and B.  Students with fourth way magnetic center or other types of magnetic center should not over-expect what they wish to get from here as this sociocosmic center would be just a temporary "hotel" to them that will provide only the necessary "lodging" and "money" for their own journey, in most cases, leading to nowhere!  Evolved being with 'Deputy Steward'  in their inner constitution can also extract some useful leather here for their own accumulation of H6 or for the delivery of their own business stopinder babies.  Our scope of deliberation does not cover assistance to higher sociotechnocosmic stopinders above the FA-sociocosmic octaves.

Besides focusing mainly on its own work, and in line with the realities of the Material Question, it also operates outwardly as an enterprise with exoteric secondary objectives that provides research, consultancy, training and facilitation services and retails products related to mind health and well being through either itself or through one of its legitimate functional centers and affiliates, and under the cane of the more mechanical laws from World 48 and World 96.  If necessary, FMC might sell clipped and colorful feather-dyed sparrows to make them look fetishistic and buyable in our "abnormal" consumer market.

In the meantime, FMC is still developing and perfecting some secondary but related services and products that are on "sale" and useful for serving its prospective clients and customers.  FMC's current values-focus are these ordinary secondary objectives, based on ordinary life as groundwork for transformation, and in a very bad position.  It is active in the understanding and proper handling of the disturbing consequences from A and B influences without having to react emotionally/mechanically to them, but to investigate the fundamental laws and operations of the more and more mechanical sociocosmoses due to an  'inside-to-outside-&-outside-to-inside'  flow of A and B processes in us as open living feeding systems .  At this point of time, the founder is unable to say if there is at least one Real C influence being here or elsewhere on planet Earth as the presence of H6 is a "rare metal" produced from a slow alchemical process of the 4th Way "WORK" and the even slower process from the traditional 3 ways.

FMC's researches, classes, projects, on-going study groups, programs, seminars, conferences, retreats, facilitating works, selling-activities, and other working activities are amongst some of the organizational tools employed to support the WORK.  However, they are also used to support occasional non-WORK related aims. Although the guiding philosophy and teaching have their origin from Gurdjieff & Ouspensky, the Works of Tan Man-Ho and all major players in the Fourth Way School, the organizational procedures are adjusted and set at pace with the stage of development of the sociotechnocosmic octave, that is, aligned to our common learnt notion of the contemporary modern administrative and management "realities" present in our psychic field and fully behaving in a way determined by the hydrogens of World 48 and World 96.

An important vision of FMC is to assist you to systematically reduce the 48  and 96 sets of "mechanical" laws that have filled your vessels in ordinary life due to the position of man in the Ray of Creation to the 24, the 12 and even the 6 sets of less mechanical laws in your own inner Ray of Creation.


The organization is currently founded and administered by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho, the sole authority of the Fourthway ManHo Center.  The location of this administration is at 55, Jalan Damai 9, Taman Damai Senai, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia.  It is also its HQ.  The administration is partly assisted by part time staffs, its associates, corporate affiliates and friends of the way and non-way.  The power and structure of administration is reduced to the basic minimum with flexible scheduled administrators acting as coordinators or facilitators in line with the principles of maintenance of unity, harmony, integration and peacefulness on the one hand, and the principles of change through the demand of  "being-parktdolg duty" or conscious labor and intentional suffering and "obligolnian strivings" on the other hand.

Administrative pyramidism, laujinggong, which has its roots in greed, power hunger, security need, fear, desire to control others and 'hasnamussian' predispositions that lead to disorder and sociocosmic dis-eases is also discouraged in the center.   Different vertical levels and horizontal stopindering are only "informally" naturalized based on essence understanding and harmony in the variation. The essence of the principles effective for this realization is through affiliation, association, multilateralism and networking globally at individual (DO), group (RE), family (MI) and organizational (FA, SO, LA and TI) levels - the spirit of a global fellowship of friends in the making.  It recognizes and separates real horizontal stopinder levels from real vertical stopinder levels in the proper handling of sociocosmic relations with understanding of sociocosmic aberrations resulting from wrong positioning and wrong work of the horizontals and the verticals that cause organizational domination, power-show, coercive leadership, hegemony and the many other shades of hegemonism including religious, ideological, superheroic and spiritual hegemonism.




Aphorisms from Real World Views


1.   "For the peace of the world and the peace within, man must learn to live in harmony with the changes in the six major octaves within the Organic Life at the MI-FA Interval of the (our) Ray of Creation, namely: the biocosmic octave, the noocosmic octave, the  sociocosmic octave, the technocosmic octave, the geocosmic octave and the cosmic octave, and all the movements of their inner octaves as well as their respective historical octaves."


2.   "When there is movement there is life.  A drop of life is a drop of psyche hydrogens, and life is sustained through the continuous circulation of psyche hydrogens in our body."


3.   "There is no boundary imposed on its possibility of evolution as the Fourthway ManHo Center is only one of the tiny but significant sociocosmic instrument of the Great Common Cosmic Ansanbaluiazar for tritocosmic,  sociocosmic and technocosmic transformation."


4.   "Everything connects to everything and flows into everything"


 5.   "Strive to work towards all peace and all good world of ManHo in the Great One where everything has always been eating everything and in turn has always been eaten up by everything again and again." (The Oxymoronic Paradox)


6.   "The Law of Reciprocal Nourishment of Everything Existing is in equilibrium with the Law of Reciprocal Destruction of Everything Existing.  The Law of Conservation of Life energy holds true for  all Rays of Creation in the Absolute Universe."


See more .......


Why Work on the Sociotechnocosmoses ?


The tremendous historical engineering effort of man on the outer world - the sociotechnosphere, to wit, creation of societies, plants and machineries - has been directly linked and expressed only through a human inner world en masse, which has not been a properly explained psychological piece of presence as if by law in our own body, hitherto whose source was supposed to be from sources higher above us in our Ray of Creation, and that the WORK  would also need to identify and transform it together with the other inner octaves, mainly the work on self, to ensure a truly harmonious development for human beings.  The inner sociotechnocosmic octave is intrinsically linked with the outer world as one flow in both directions and whose bulk is derived from the digestion of foods from the outer world, and has valid "eternal" presence in man but changes in quality and quantity through civilization.

The sociotechnocosmoses have surrounded you from within and from without and whose continuous "attacks" on you is on a full 24-hour basis, and your weal and woe is unavoidable till your last day of existence amongst these sociotechnocosmic beings for which you are a fundamental stopinder amongst them ...........  So the WORK on the sociotechnocosmoses around us is really necessary!





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