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The Fourthway ManHo E-Journal electronic releases from the Fourthway ManHo Center is launched in January 1, 2001 to serve serious individuals who are interested in the works of Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho, the works of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and others including especially works of Marxian origin.  The electronic releases would be on a monthly basis or if otherwise, from time to time when the time is ripe.

The e-journal will initially consist of topical electronic releases of the works of Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho as a start.  More electronic releases are anticipated in future.  Most of the releases will be extracts from the original works known as Real World Views.


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# Vol. 100
In the outer voice, friendship is very shallow and unreliable and it can break off at the slightest friction.  In the inner voice, if it is the same, friendship formed can reach essence level.  So the nature of the inner voices is an essential matter in dealing with this phenomenon.  ....... Read More

# Vol. 99
When I study any book I sometimes intentionally picture only the movement or its material relationship.  I conceptualize all I have studied.  Why should I do that?  In analysis, the reality is placed first, languages and writings are placed second.  But sometimes I do the reverse.  This is to avoid mechanical tendencies in conceptualization through intentional dialectical process. ...... Read More

# Vol. 98

How do Do 48, Re 24, Mi 12 and Fa 6 of the Impression Octave “look” like as they are created in the body in Hegelian Mode?  The octave theory of being-psyche hydrogens from the intellectual center can be related to Hegelian forms, probably in this manner .......Read More

# Vol. 97
Man grows through doings.  He degenerates when he becomes mechanical.
The human body has a way of telling you when to stop doing a thing.  It makes use of the two retardations of an octave activity in you.  One retardation at MI-FA while another at TI-DO.  .........
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# Vol. 96
When the consequences of organ kundabuffer predominate the activities of the many, institutionalized ‘I’s for servicing pleasure, enjoyment, fun, self-pride and vanity blossom.  Very little time is left for hard work.  The work could become neglected. Workers are on the run, ladies and companies become parasites.  Few want to work.  They want to enjoy in the colored lights of the cities........
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# Vol. 95
See 'totality-of-realities-as-they-are' all at once and in your changing postures.
2. Be conscious even when your legs move.
3. Always and everywhere remember yourself; always and everywhere watch your postures both inner and outer. ..........
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# Vol. 94
The great achievements of science and philosophical materialism have reached a level whereby humanity is able to free themselves from mysticism, religion, idealistic gloats, etc., once and for all by one's own inner negation.  However, this is true only amongst the higher and more conscious beings of the Great Sociocosmic Being.  For the rest of the “frogs” nothing really changes. ....... Read More

#Vol. 93

"The universe is a system, whose very essence consists in subordination; a scale of beings descending, by insensible degrees, from infinite perfection to absolute nothing." (Soame Jenyns) This state resembles the Enneagram of Everything Living (the great chain of being), where the universe is a system that begins from the Absolute (Perfect) descending in an octave by the force of three and limits of seven down through the two decelerating points to the infinite absolute nothing, and vice-versa. (Gurdjieff)  The 'Big Bang' that creates the Universe is the point of the Absolute that in its becoming, creates the universe being ....... Read More

Love is in the meat, not outside it.  ‘I’ can only create a condition for love to arise but it may disappear into its various forms.  Physical unity, the placing of two beings side by side, is the necessary condition for the higher forms of unity.  Laws and economy can only bind man and woman materially.  It is physical unity supported by sex, instinctive, emotional and intellectual commitment that can beget love. ....... Read More

# Vol. 91
For 15 years from 1975 onwards, I was with him and we did mainly routine household work including cooking and home repairs, and many types of work-like exercises at home, at a stream in Gunung Lambak, in the town sometimes at 3:00 am and many more specific exercises - Tai Chi, Yoga, Pranayama, Feldenkrais, etc.  We read many books too and mostly related to the Fourth Way Schools as well as other esoteric work from everywhere in the world!  It is like living in an esoteric school doing routine work like any others, except that all these "THE WORK" must be done consciously always and must BE in PRESENCE! ....... Read More

# Vol. 90
People who seem to be very busy with many things, doing this and that, moving here and there, everywhere talking and talking are actually creators, doers and foremost, actors in a repeating circle.  It appears many of them are just “doings” with duty-bound ‘I’s.  They are just “toys”.  The three springs of thinking, feeling and moving bobbin-kandelnosts in them unwind mechanically and they just obediently “work” or they operate by themselves. ....... Read More

#Vol. 89
I was then much attracted to the ‘intention’ of understanding differently with my ‘sociocosmic noosphere instrument’ that has already developed in me before and during my responsible age everything in my surroundings and without being partial.  I owed it to the oskianic bashing from my early childhood days.  I would inquire into the causes of “mechanical motion” by objective reflection without resorting to “small calculation” but rather by “mental octave” in solving the mysterious mode - being-motion of a Real World. ....... Read More

#Vol. 88
It is the psyche, the level of being and consciousness, which is really
knowing the world.  Being is the base for knowledge to grow.  A being-cat emanates cat-"knowledge", a crocodile emanates crocodile-"knowledge" and a man emanates man-knowledge.  Man-knowledge is not equal to dolphin-knowledge.  Therefore, knowledge depends on the type of being that you are born into.  A plant is a being without knowledge.  But being is very great by itself and may not need a “nuisance” bearing the name “knowledge”.  That is mainly for being bearing the name “man”. ....... Read More

#Vol. 87

An individual, a group, a family, an organization, a government, a nation or humanity are Social Animals.  Each is a replica of the human body on a social scale or sociocosmic octave.  Therefore, by understanding the human body, you will soon understand these Social Animals.  "Da Stellen wir Menschen aus Angst voreinander Staaten auf.” (Durrenmatt’s  Der Richter und sein Henker)  “Thus it is that we men, from fear of one another, established nations.”  That is the deep psychology of the causes of the arisings of states and nations. ....... Read More

#Vol. 86
Some quotations from Plato's 'Republic I-X' - A glimpse of the seed of Arian Communism from the Athenian Philosopher of Ancient Greece regarding and confining only to and for the ruling class, within its state framework and ideal ruling principles of that same framework and for that time period in the context of the last decan of the Astrological Age of Aries and beginning Age of Pisces.  Plato was born in May 21, 429 BC.  Note also that there is a Geminian (Primitive) Communism in the Age of Gemini, a Taurian Communism in the Age of Taurus and one Piscean Religio-Communism/Socialism in the Age of Pisces and one more Aquarian Communism in the future in the Age of Aquarius, and a Capricornian Communism in the Age of Capricorn, and so on and so forth depending on the Dasein in the Ages! ....... Read More

#Vol. 85

Man is differently conscious.  It is the moments sphere of consciousness that makes him talk about a subject matter.  The worthy consciousness to dwell in is the objective consciousness.  All other mechanical and habitual consciousness are but subjective drops that arise accidentally.  You cannot avoid them even for a second. ....... Read More

#Vol. 84
The Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man is one of those rare institutes that prepare obyvatels or ordinary men into remarkable individuals.  It appears very repulsive to those from the non-esoteric circle, yet still accessible to them........This is what took place, according to Louis Pauwels:  We gathered together in small groups of five, ten or twenty people, under a “master,” formerly Gurdjieff himself.  We were taught to become conscious. ....... Read More

#Vol. 83
Householder  =  house  +  holder or holder of a houseHere we are not going to talk about the house as the human body for us to take charge of in the Gurdjieffian sense, which is the first natural house of a three-brained being or an ordinary man or an 'obyvatel' - a potential self-master to be - because the talk will become a very long story........ Read More

#Vol. 82
Astrological Ages - The Last 1/2 of the 3rd decan IN the TAIL-END OF THE Age of Pisces (1788AD - 2148AD)
The Essence of Constellational Psyche Hydrogens in the last ½ of the 3rd decan of the Age of Pisces under the partial influence of the Aquarius zodiac constellation and the dawn of the coming Age of Aquarius - its digestion and refinement into biosociotechnocosmic systems of the Organic Film on Mother Earth's surface. ....... the Rapkin-Thompson Zone of maximum probability of World War III from 2016 to 2023 ....... Read More

#Vol. 81
Life comes from the chemistry of the DNA (Dioxyribonucleic Acid) and started in the ocean on earth when fragments of organic or carbon backbone molecules randomly scattered came together with some RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) by chance and at the right time or by a necessity of the Ray of Creation to begin filling into its interval with the first organic life.  A minimum of such chemicals, perhaps 5 or more have only to come together once to trigger self-replicating reactions producing life-like motions.  Only once in millions of years of the hunger or “hope” of our Ray of Creation to make sure HIS FA-MI Interval will do the necessary for Earth's surface.  If this random chance meeting has not arrived HE would probably send a meteor to the ocean to act as a catalyst to bring the life fragments together only for once........ Read More

# Vol. 80
Yoga, Haida Yoga and Taiji
Flowing and yet cannot be seen; Happening and yet cannot be controlled.  It just happens; No one has ever controlled it.  It is ascending and it is descending; But all the time it is becoming.  In Taiji, the qi emptying is not a complete emptying and the filling is not a complete filling.  The process can be fast or slow ....... Read More

#Vol. 79
The Reciprocal Feeding and Destruction of Sociotechnocosmic and Cosmic Stopinder Beings
The planetary neighbor (moon) will “import” the artificial socio-technocosmic creatures with their intelligence to their surfaces and atmospheres, of welcoming them to nest or ‘construct space stations’ there.  Scientifically, we just say that moon is receiving life nourishment from the Earth because it is located at the tip of our Ray of Creation.  In a scary approach it is planetary feeding of the limited life forces. ....... Read More

# Vol. 78

The Parrots

I saw two parrots on a twig,

Calmly as they stay,

Very close together,

That is how they love. ....... Read More

# Vol. 77
Reflection on the Possible Principles of the Logico-Psychophilosophical Methods

My Real World Views is none other than an attempt to seriously integrate the so-called World One, World Two and World Three of the experience of my being in the conviction of the same manifestation in beings similar to myself.  It would be an analogical parallelism to compare it with external environment, internal environment and goals for an individual.  A more objective view is to simply call it World One, World Two and World Three as they are the only known dimensions for every being-man.  The Real World Views series goes for the real world type of knowledge filling in the spaces omitted or not accessible to ordinary thinking and writing. ....... Read More

#Vol. 76
Dangerous Historical Mechanical Cultures - May a Good Religion not Fall into this Criminality!
There are critical examples of dangerous, harmful and criminal mechanical cultures practiced by ancient and contemporary human beings.  Mechanically obeyed culture of having fixed period of fasting, Sunday-Go-Church or Friday-Go-Mosque and many more cultural practices of fixation have put one in deep mechanical sleep and in invisible spiritual chains.  It can even throw a once great ‘civilization’ into a backward cultural tribe that may have to strive on hard legal instrument and terrorism to survive.  The small harmless silly cultural practices indicate the deep mechanical sleep in man.  However, some have become very dangerous historical (now extinct) mechanical culture of monsters and are truly horrible and may be called a crime against humanity in modern paradigm!  Here are the 10 listed: ........ Read More

#Vol. 75
Subjective and Objective - Logic
What is commonly called the subjective is however another phenomenon of the objective.  The opposite, in grammatical sense, of the objections is not the subjections.  The subjective is a necessary integral of the objective, in other words, the subjective is an objective phenomenon.  (May 5, 1973) ....... Read More

#Vol. 74
Mantra Vibration: Being-Sound
Organic beings such as man emanate window-smashing sounds, even self-calming mantras, and often, they are like The Tin Drums, (in Die Blechtrommel).  They drum every day and sometimes even during sleep.  Even other beings and the planets drum too!  Man is like Gunter Grass's tin drum that lets out in full blast ‘something-in-sound-form’ continuously with periodic stops so long as he exists in the world of unceasing insane sociocosmic perturbations. ....... Read More

#Vol. 73
The Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering
In the Unknowable Gurdjieff, pg. 35, Margaret Anderson wrote:  "I will tell you one thing that will make you rich for life. There are two struggles.  But these two worlds can never make contact with each other, to make data for Third World; even God cannot give the possibility for contact between Inner-world and Outer-world struggle neither can your heredity give it.  Only one thing can give it: you must make an intentional contact between the worlds; then you can make data which crystallize for the Third World of man, called by the ancients the World of the Soul. ......... Read More

#Vol. 72
Body Functions: On Needs, Drives, Motives, Actions and Satisfaction
On Needs, Drives, Motives, Actions and Satisfaction (psychology): I want you to see this in its own order.  I do not want you to mixture it up with the category of ‘I’, mental body, emotional body and physical body.  These are elements of another category of study.  It is also different from the study of the 7 centers.  Here 'needs' are 'wants' or 'I's; drive is a 'power'; 'motives' are 'motions' and 'activity' is manifestations. When a need arises, power is generated which lead to inner motion and activity.  With the activity accomplishes the 'wants', satisfaction results and the whole process comes to a standstill. ....... Read More

# Vol. 71
On Sex Energy
By not releasing the sex energy, one can channel this sex energy to various parts of the body for vivification and healing purposes.  The sexual energy and its "fluid" is a result of the transformation of the impression food by the organ of sex into the fine energy of sexual urge.  This energy is strong but it is short-lived.  ....... Read More

# Vol. 70
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s Seven Blunders of the World:
Take note and bear in mind the great thoughts of Gandhi regarding the seven blunders of the world which focus on our contemporary ordinary three-brained beings’ mode of handling this seven inner impulse groups of being psyche hydrogens in our own body and in our sociocosmic body, namely, about wealth, pleasure, knowledge, commerce, science, worship and politics. ....... Read More

#Vol. 69
The Technocosmic Octave: The Marine, Land and Avian Stopinder Beings
The technocosmic beings are amongst the hottest beings to ‘contribute’ to the gradual warming of the planet earth.  Amongst the hottest octaves (excluding natural objects such as the sun and fire) in the organic world is the technocosmic octave of our sociocosmos.  The outcome of this heat to the environment is worrying every sane being. ....... Read More

#Vol. 68
Robert T. Kiyosaki: America's Control of Money Supply, Debauching Money and Monopoly Money; Also Debt, Inflation, Retirement and Taxes
What happens to America will affect the whole world.  But the World continues because the World is still bigger than America!  Debauching Money or Currency: “This uncontrolled spending (and it’s underlying debasement of the currency) may well destroy us. ....... Read More

#Vol. 67
The Management Succession and Metamorphosis of the Inner Bodies of the Sociocosmic Stopinder Being
The succession metamorphosis of the sociocosmoses is explained for each sociocosmos below:  The DO-sociocosmic stopinder being is an individual in the sociocosmic octave, the smallest monad in this octave.  DO’s 4 bodies consist of the passenger, the driver, the horse and the physical body.  The quantitative non-antagonistic ‘functional metamorphosis’ of DO consists of ....... Read More

#Vol. 66

The Enneagram of Personality Types, Enneagram of Life, Cosmoses and Others

In this type of Enneagram of Human Personalities (Oscar Ichazo & Claudio Naranjo) the triangle 3, 6 and 9 are not input points, and therefore, it cannot represent a living enneagram or what is known as an open system that is independent.  In this methodology, obvious and major personality types that is found in the personality component of a modern man ‘soaked’ in modern civilization, namely, 1) The Perfectionist, 2) The Giver, 3) The Performer, 4) The Romantic, 5) The Observer, 6) The Questioner 7) The Epicure, 8) The Boss and 9) The Mediator, are identified and well matched into the Enneagram Symbol in sincere hope that an oxymoron marriage did not happen to be. ....... Read More

#Vol. 65
The Circulatory or the Transportation System, the Cancer Sociodynamics and the Sociocosmic Perturbations
The mass circulation of material beings (human beings, products, services, ideas, financial instruments and technocosmic beings), in the conclusion of the wise grandson is just the continuous flow or circulation or transportation with temporary and/or long-term parking of beings in the various existing sociocosmic stopinders that has rooted and breed on Earth's surface.  The foods of life are transported by the system in the Great Body Sociocosmos! ....... Read More

#Vol. 64
The Tri-Octave Movements of Allotropic Elements
Allotropes are the inner stopinders of an element within the World of Chemical Elements which is classified in the Periodic Table of Elements, and they function within the Octave of Elements and within this frame of reference.  It is still within the dimensions of the elements.  They are not within the World of Elementary Particles nor are they in the Periodic Table of the Elementary Particles (Subatomic Particles or the Octave of Atomic particles), or within the Octave of the Microcosms.  The general laws of dialectics and the general laws of octave apply to both these worlds........
Allotropes are different structural forms of the same element and can exhibit quite different physical properties and chemical behaviors, whether in the solid, liquid or gaseous states.  Allotropes are the forms or appearances and the elements (the simple matters) are the essences - the general law that matter must appear in forms is implied here. ........ Read More

# Vol.63
Modern Mathematics and the Stopinder Nature of the Set or Class Theory
Back in the 1960's  the modern mathematics, properly so-called has ultimately proved itself to provide the exposition of the dialectic and mentation by forms – nature is looked upon as consisting of discrete items with distinct identity.  The Soviets during its Golden Age of Mathematics took the lead and the West badly needed to catch up – the sooner the better. ....... Read More

#Vol. 62
The Trialectics of Man and Woman
This trialectics did not begin until the first separation of a biocosmic octave known as being-human has occurred with a distinct separation of the two opposite sex.  The socializing notes of this octave constitute a process of trialectics culminating in the phenomenon known as the family which is a stable gravity-center vibration forming a social organism and which destabilizes because of the perpetual unbecoming of this trialectics between man and woo-man. ....... Read More

#Vol. 61

Ethics, Values, Beliefs and the Prayer
Religion can be evil in the moving center and yet good in the feeling center.  It is a paradox of evil and good in one entity separated by a thin boundary, the buffer that obscures awareness.  Evil is committed and yet not felt because of this buffer.  The question is how to break a buffer which has been built mechanically over the years. ....... Read More

#Vol. 60
Natural Sciences – Real World Views of Charles Darwin, Thomas H. Huxley, Herbert Spencer, G.W.F Hegel and Albert Einstein
I believe that the experiences of utility organized and consolidated through all past generations of the human race, have been producing corresponding modification, which by continued transmission and accumulation, have become in use certain faculties of moral intuition – certain emotions responding to right and wrong conduct, which have no apparent basis in the individual experiences of utility.  (Herbert Spencer) ....... Read More

#Vol. 59
Exploitation - Real World Views and Opinions
Beware of the hunter!  Be on maximum alert against the rape of labor by exploiters.  It is the right of man to defend his rights.  One must transfer oneself from a relationship of elimination of that exploitation to equal reciprocal feeding.  This is the terror of the real world that you could not avoid. ....... Read More

#Vol. 58

Colors, Gems and Color Therapy

"Am Farb’gen Ablanz haben wir das Leben" (Goethe)
 (In the color reflection we have life

Man’s knowledge and manipulation of colors has developed into the science and technology of colors. He has learnt that the Suns emanate something very fine which consists of many octaves of colors for which he has also developed the techniques and commercial uses of these colors.  The mysterious display of colors by man has created a world of weird combination of colors in their technocosmic perfection. ....... Read More

#Vol. 57
A Reflection On Life
When this kundabuffer system breaks down, these randomly moving psyche hydrogens, after bursting asunder the buffer husk, escape and disperse much of the elements in many areas of the upper centers and become active there as consequences of organ kundabuffer. ....... Read More

#Vol. 56
The Nature of Group, School Work and Missionary Work; Frictions in School Work are Necessary for Progress

Even for man or woman — it is the same.  When they enter a school, perpetual work programs continues to the last day of their life.  So, long as a person drift with the wind, he becomes an automaton.  He has to be schooled again.  He has no program but his body harbors all kinds of ‘I’s. ....... Read More

#Vol. 55
The Visible and the Invisible - Esotericity and the Real Esoteric School
‘I’s are amongst the most peculiar sides of man’s activity and behavior.  They are quite invisible.  Two persons coming together normally do not have the same ‘I’s.  Both are often invisible to each other.  Can you teach esoteric knowledge to the public directly?  Well!  If you can, thanks.  Otherwise, if you try, there will be trouble both for yourself and for the public. ....... Read More

#Vol. 54
The Sociocosmic Stopinders' Hidden and Real Missions (Part II)

That which continues to function as regulators of sociocosmic stopinders in their incessant stopindering ‘I’ in the long run (although being banned by the prevailing SO-sociocosmic stopinder) could also become a SO-sociocosmic stopinder for itself irrespective of the deterring device of being-election”, said the wise grandson  ....... Read More

#Vol. 53

The Sociocosmic Stopinders' Hidden and Real Missions (Part I)
Behold three-brained beings of the planet Earth!  If you have no Real ‘I’, you are not.  You have only ‘it’s.  What then could your hidden and real mission(s) be as a DO-sociocosmic stopinder being? ....... Read More

On Attachment

Every center resembles a hand.  It catches objects both in the outer world and in the inner world itself.  Our thinking mind catches outer objects almost all the time forming ideas that speedily transforms into the glue of mental attachment.  Even our feelings catch objects too.  These objects evoke all kinds of feelings in us both positive and negative forming the glue of feeling attachment.  Similarly, objects in the outer world are often responsible for moving center attachment.  Foods are outer world objects that attract the instinctive mind.  Sexy and beautiful ladies arouse the sexual desire of man, strengthen sexual identification and evoke a trialectic pursuit. ....... Read More

Essence and Personality: The Ethical Canon of Thoughts
Essence is the whole person itself ‑ all the centers and the physical body together and at any stage of development of the being.  Essence deposits as thoughts, emotions and actions.  The nature of essence can be known by observing and investigating the totality of the individual emanations for a period of time. ....... Read More

The Nervo-Reflectant
Our 5 sense organs reflect the external phenomena, include external forms of matter.  The point is this, when one of the sense organ ceases to function, say the ear, then all the sound aspect of our material world cease to be reflected by the ear.  But nevertheless, this so-called sound expect of nature still exists. It does not therefore means that this sound aspect of the external world, does not exist at all. Our 5 sense organs reflect the external phenomena, include external forms of matter.  The point is this, when one of the sense organ ceases to function, say the ear, then all the sound aspect of our material world cease to be reflected by the ear.  But nevertheless, this so-called sound expect of nature still exists. It does not therefore means that this sound aspect of the external world, does not exist at all.  Our 5 sense organs reflect the external phenomena, include external forms of matter. ....... Read More

The Inner Development of Man
When speaking of KNOWLEDGE, only through man’s practical activities that he is able to develop his ideas correctly.  Only through perceptual knowledge that he can be blessed with a quality cognitive (conceptual) knowledge!  Good and quality ideas should be supported and guided by practice.  One should work like a knowledge worker supported and guided by perceptual knowledge.  However, such work is external or outside work in relation to external object as the objective of work.  This is again outer work but NOT inner work if the objective of the work is simply directed towards external objects. ...... Read More

Profiteering, Accumulation, Stealing and Robbing
I have been (in person) observing the process of profiteering (or profit making) regularly for a couple of years, a fact that often goes quite unnoticed before our eyes, and yet we seem to hear it most of the time.  In the course of prolong profiteering the social wealth distribution becomes uneven.  Profiteering and stealing is the same from the essence point of view. ....... Read More

Real World Views' Opinion on INDUSTRY 4.0
The Great Biosociotechnocosmos is the bulk of the 'Organic Film' growing and breeding on mother Earth.  It does not include the surface of Earth for which it is its platform but materials extracted from the Earth and its atmosphere are extracted, processed and transformed into the Great Biosociotechnocosmic System or the Great Biosociotechnocosmic Body through the actions of the Law of Three and the Law of Octave. ....... Read More

The Three Being-Foods, The Physical Body of Man and Being Formation
It is already common knowledge to esoteric circle that man consumes 3 kinds of being-foods ‑ ordinary food (coarse foods and drinks), air (oxygen in most cases) and impressions (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and images).  They are called being foods because every living being requires them.  So, they are foods for the living beings. ....... Read More

Male and Female Principles and Inner Work
When you travel a lot, you will go on travelling automatically.  Your wife says stop yet you continue to go on traveling; you cannot stop.  The moving center would not listen, making you his slave.  With 'horse' I begin and with 'horse' I ended.  'Horse' is that which "uncontrollable" because of its enormous speed. ...... Read More


* In order to be able to 'can do' in a certain undertaking one must also learn it in the first place what is 'cannot do'.
* To be able to do is to be able to overcome that which has become a problem for  you. ....... Read More


Black Holes and Wormholes are Gates (Cosmic Buds) to Higher Dimensions Where New Rays of Creations are Reborn
You can say black holes and wormholes of whatever variation (types, sizes or whatever qualitative and quantitative forms) are sources of creation of baby universes (Stephan Hawking) using the biological line of thinking to the physics line of thought....... Read More

Feeding and Manifesting in Life
The Earth’s feeding process is also a transformation of the coarser materials into the fine psyche matters.  The Earth itself is made up of many material beings, loose at its surface and very compact in the interior.  The feeding processes of the earth is done by the material beings which make up the Earth’s exterior or surface which we called the   ....... Read More


J.G Bennett's SUBUD: The Search for a Fragment in South-East Asia
"Subud” which originated from  “Susila Budhi Dharma” is a misspelled word for “subuh” which means ‘growth and fresh’ as an integrated concept.  The outcome must be self-perfection through Subud Latihan which means ‘exercise to growing fresh and perfect’. ....... Read More


THE General Laws of Nature
General Laws of Nature (part of it):   Every new state of matter is a continuation of the development of the “battle” of contradictories in the old state of matter.  The contradictories always exist, eternal to material development …… Read More


The Human Relationship
A Fairy Tale begins thus:- In a far away land lived a community of angels whose body is made up of certain group of psychons which contemporary beings of the mortal world would equate them with the adjectives ‘notorious’, ‘greed’, ‘egoistic’ and ‘selfish’........ Read More


The Sociocosmic Venture: Prelude to the Sociocosmic Places and the Story of the Four-Bodied Sociocosmoses
First special exercises are essential before one can reflect the sociocosmoses accurately, so that one does not see an illusory society of various “truths”, abstractions and definitions.  This must be understood. ....... Read More


The Exploiting Process and the Reciprocal Destruction Process
The top tends to feed on the bottom. If the bottom becomes too clever, it will start to feed on the top and move upwards.  Scams become rampant.
In the exploiting process there are many wolf-in-sheepskin beings roaming hungrily in the body of the Great Sociotechnocosmoses! ....... Read More


The Unbecoming of Social Interactions
Didn't you realize that you are not talking to your friends but to the "functions" of the "machines" around you?  Didn't you notice that all organic beings communicate with one another, intra- and inter-? ....... Read More


The Educational Canon
education has surgically removed the master ‘I’s of the students and has trained them to obey instructions more or less slavishly-willingly, so that, as soon as they leave the body of education and deliver themselves to the various organizations for further .
....... Read More


The Astrological Ages - Influences on the Historical Sociocosmic Octaves and/or Marxian Historicism
An astrological age is a time period which modern astrologers postulate “higher psychic influences” from heavenly bodies or higher cosmic stopinders in the Ray of Creation ........ Read More


The Psychic Centers of The Great Sociocosmos - The Sociocosmic Work Or Intervention On Sociocosmic Stopinders
The micro-organocosmos repeats itself in the sociocosmos but on a higher and larger scale.  The approximate 4 billion human beings (now 7 billion by 2020) human beings in the sociocosmic octave contains 4 billion x 7 centers = 28 billion (now 49 billion) possible centers of communication and communicating continuously within the network forming the sociocosmic fluid of the body of the Great Sociocosmos.  They are scattered uniformly 1/7 x 4  =  4/7 billion (now 7/7 or 1 billion) of each type of center and they are distributed uniformly.  As these centers require fillings (or inputs or specific foods), so the ‘economy’ is a mechanism to ensure that the products, services and others are supplied in the right amount and at the right time to all these centers of the individual stopinders. ....... Read More


On the Modern Innovations to "Old Materialism" and the Emergence of Trioctave Materialism
After destroying “old materialism” by the modern spiritualist using a method already known to the materialist as ‘mind over matter, Ouspensky sought to introduce a Tertium Organum, which is four-dimensional inclusive of the life or consciousness dimension and capable ........ Read More


The Material and Cultural Conditions of Life
The greatest treasure of an employee is his magic labor power and he has to meet the crafty businessman to offer his labor in exchange for money.  By labor is meant also all forms of labor from a human being. Money can never be stronger than labor power for one is born ........ Read More


Taiji, Yoga and Acu-Therapy - Points of Interest in the Fourthway Perspective
A developed human type is one whose emotions, thoughts and movements flow like water in a natural Taiji configuration.  Muscle-bounds, fixed thoughts and harden-emotions are all crystallization.  It is anti-life.  It is dead nature.  It is not water or rubber. ......... Read More


The World of Piotr Demianovich OuspenskY BEFORE MEETING GURDJIEFF
On my first thought, Ouspensky seems to say that the world is contained in the consciousness.  But on my second thought, he was a great Russian thinker of our time and indispensable to any future venture with ideas. He is a very realistic philosopher.  Ouspensky ........ Read More


The Life of Man No. 1, 2 & 3; Man No. 4 & Above; Man's SeeING
Man No.1, 2 & 3 do not have harmonious centers.  They often appear quiet as if nothing is wrong with their centers but this is artificial.  Man No.4, 5, 6 & 7 have great mastery over their centers and all inner forces.  I may call a “silent”, good and “perfect” man No.1, 2 & 3 ....... Read More


Communications-At-A-Distance Amongst Biological Beings, Sociotechnocosmic Beings and Cosmic Beings
All material beings from the biocosmic octave, the sociotechnocosmic octave and the natural cosmic octave communicate directly or indirectly inwardly or outwardly within and ........ Read More


The Fourth Body of Man
The passengers wage “wars” against one another.  They oppose one another and struggle for a seat on the stage.  It is necessary for the passengers to come to a compromise and give chance to others.  Certain seats are meant only for certain types of passengers while ....... Read More


Thoughts on The Oski-Ano Systems or Educational Systems
This brutal economic and educational strangulation of the poor, who is directly metamorphosed by the very nature of the pre-existing educational system, has actualized itself as 'Oski-Ano Terrorism' or educational terrorism. The sudden conversion of the oski-educational ....... Read More


Being Oskiano or Education
During the preparatory age of beings (from 1 to 23 years old), the abnormal educational system ‘destroys’ rather than building them, prevents rather than crystallizing a psyche order capable of seeing the real world.  The ‘subject matter’ does not lead the ‘mentation’ to ....... Read More


The Thinking about Thinking and The Enneagramic Beings
Things which I have not thought before become a-thinking in me.
  Things which I have not felt before become a-feeling in me.  Things which I have not done before become a-doing in me.  What you think is a ‘New Thinking’ may have long been thought before by the ....... Read More

#Vol. 22
To Know, To Understand, To Be

Many a man probably moves without knowing what he is while in this motion of his and what is it that causes him to be in motion.  If he has discovered the weirdness of everything to be, in and outside himself, he would soon forget it.  If you understand, you can be.  To appeal to the various regions of the body is to do and to be.  As you work, you develop.  To be is definitely a suffering.  Without inner being-effort, nothing can be crystallized permanently in the inner world.  A certain amount of suffering is essential to acquire a special dimension in the body.  He who will not suffer will not BE. ....... Read More

#Vol. 21

Thoughts, Reflections and Sayings about Education and Emotions
Bad feelings are toxins.  Deep breathing and relaxation can remove them.  And you have to remove them once you have them.  Some people release them on others.  To be able to endure the negative emotions of others is one of the hardest things to achieve. ....... Read More

#Vol. 20

The peculiar direction of our institute is neither specialization nor generalization but with the immediate two.  The harmonious development of man demands flowing of countless specifics and the whole process looks like generalization.  It is to develop a full man capable of ....... Read More

#Vol. 19
Artificial Intelligence: Essence, Position, Relations to Man and His Sociotechnocosmoses and Cosmic Relations
The sociocosmoses began with the trialectics of man and woman which is one of the numerous trialectics of the male and female sex of the biocosmoses or ....... Read More

#Vol. 18

Sounds and Music in the Body of Man and Beyond
Every kind of human activity is always associated with a definite qualitative form of music and language.  All this is transitory and will change as soon as the posture of human activity changes ........ Read More


I Am Here, My Mind is Here, My Body is Here and What is Life?
This talk is truly living in Real I Am!  Can you do it?  Try, try again; and again until you experience this ‘I AM’ in you!  But outside you there are many things, they are also inside you now all at the same time.  Close your eyes now, yet the outside is just darkness or .......
Read More

#Vol. 16
The Functional Sociocosmic Diseases, The Therapy for the AnomalIES in the Laujinggong Sociocosmic Shock Absorber, The Therapy that Comes from Nature
The process of history is stopindered turbulently by the irregular reciprocal interference of the lateral and the fundamental sociocosmic stopinder force.  The "deformed" ...... Read More

#Vol. 15

A Journey Through My Psychic Bodies
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Much remains unknown about man, the physical structure is known but with little real understanding and the spirit is partially known with much difference of opinion. When we study a being, we must study it all-sidedly, .......
Read More

#Vol. 14

Dimensionalities and the Laws of Octave
Time, space and matter including radiation and material beings (with cosmic properties) are fundamentally integrated.  Time and space are existentialform of matter.  They are all united to form the universal organism.  They are self-creative matters ..... Read More

#Vol. 13

On Matter, Motion, Time and Dimensions
The movement of Great Nature, the one familiar to our vision, may be interpreted as the issuing of the ray of life by subtraction of motion.  I will not force you to believe that this visible motion may be issued from the initial starting point of the ray of life, from the Absolute.  By the rapid subtraction of motion and self-annihilation in its emergence, the Will of the Absolute vibrates the whole growth of the universe being and body. ....... Read More

#Vol. 12

The Classification of Cosmic motions: Physics - Mass, Matter, Materialities
The Ouspenskian octave conception of the materiality difference of matter - matters of the Absolute (World 1), matters of All Worlds (World 3), matters of All Suns (World 6), matters of Our Sun (World 12), matters of All Planets (World 24), matters of Earth (World 48) and matters of our moon (World 96) ....... Read More

#Vol. 11

The Great Breathing Dance, Body Qi Work and Mental Asanas
On the one hand, air massages the apparatus of the neck, thorax and abdomen, one the other hand, these apparatus also change the way the air flows.  The awareness of this air dance in the great body is the way to develop balance in the human trunk.  What is ....... Read More

#Vol. 10

Speeches on Non-Traditional Education
... It is not uncommon for many to be aware and view the great education process that occurs in every living being on mother earth to objectively happen solely in the brain systems of humans and humans alone, and that expensive material constructs could only support but ....... Read More

#Vol. 9

Health SPA and Associated Therapies
In this Work you must remember to be present always and everywhere in the house of the SPA as you work on your own "painfully stressed" physical body and your tensed spiritual self, reducing the set of mechanical constraints that is ....... Read More

#Vol. 8

The Historical Biocosmic Octave and the Inner Biocosmic Octaves
How does genetic instructions that initially flow in the nucleus and the interior of a cell construct various living beings through social cell activities within the micro-organocosmic world? The answer is the same as the answer to the question of what social activities would ....... Read More

#Vol. 7

The Psychology of Vibration along the Sociocosmic Octave and its Formation of the Coarser Sociocosmic Bodies
All business organizations soon acquire and perfect all the proper four bodies and continue the romance amongst themselves ~ their customers (the bosses), the managers ....... Read More

#Vol. 6

The Fourth and the Last Technocosmic Revolution in the History of the Development of the Human Sponsored "Spiritual" Machines
All perfected machines should have 4 bodies or distinct components; we called them the 1st body, the 2nd body, the 3rd body and the 4th body.  Revolution in the objective ....... Read More

#Vol. 5

Concerning Sacred Individuals, Three-Brained Saintly & Cosmic Beings in the Tales of His Most Gracious Beelzebub
When reading the difficult writings of "
All & Everything or Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson", one inevitably encounters a unique experience unparallel to all conventional reading ....... Read More

#Vol. 4

The Psymaterialist's Mysticism
Mysticism is a state of the mind whereby the rate of vibration of thoughts, emotions and all the inner elements have slowed down tremendously and the shift in conscious attention has slowed down too, staying separate from them all along.  This becomes a mystical ....... Read More

#Vol. 3

Towards Understanding Business Organization Structures through Ancient Paradigm:  A Daring to be Different Approach Based on the Enneagramic Principles of Creating Living Entities
Contemporary model of organization structure at its developed stage and in a fairly stable environment is based on two separate models.  The first is based on the ....... Read More

#Vol. 2
The Beginning Glimpse of Laujinggong or The Genesis of Laujinggong
In order to examine the cause of the genesis of our dear laujinggong, the octave retardation is again studied carefully, and especially those “filling gaps” in between the MI-FA stopinders, and the subsequent consequence to the organizational structure of all the .......
Read More

#Vol. 1

The Sociocosmos According to the Impartial Observation of the Great Grandson
After serious reflection on the logico-psychophilosophical method for the presentation of the daily affairs of our own social activities, the wise grandson decided to begin with some diagrams for logical intercourse, and quicklily  withdraws into a psyche island of hope that such a form of presentation would soften the ground for easy absorption of the new dimension of thought about the social being and their sociocosmic coating  behaviors in accordance to law and the vibrations from psychic hydrogens 386, 192, 96, 48, 24, 12 and 6 present in varying and changing amounts in the human body. ....... Read More


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