Volume 96       February 14, 2020


By Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

(An excerpt from the original work, Real World Views, Book 3, by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho entitled "The General Laws of Nature, Real Historical Process and Early Christianity - The Symbolic Mushroom and the Cross," November 1974 ~ September 1975 Discourses, Chapter 3, Section F: "The Negative Consequences of Organ Kundabuffer," pp. 76 ~ 78)






1   A lot depends on what essence-class of ‘I’s you are subjected to.  They can just be all kinds of useless disastrous ‘I’s.  ‘I’ is the beginning of man’s movements.  ‘I’s themselves depends on the laws of the objective world.  Each social order is a reflection of man’s ‘I’s ‑ the order of ‘I’s is the order of society.  It is possible that the whole Ray of ‘I’ manifestations at a certain period of history, moves along the negative consequences of organ kundabuffer ‑ arrogance, the need to provoke astonishment in others, bragging, cunning, the vice of eating, egoism, envy, hate, imagination, jealousy, lying, offensiveness, partiality, pride, sexual pleasure, voodoo or wishing the death or weakness of others, self-conceit, self-love, swagger and vanity (G.I Gurdjieff).  In such a situation, many kunda institutions will emerge from the body of our Great Sociocosmic Being.

What then is evil and what then is good? Surely, those who work cannot be bad.  Those who do not work but force others to work are evil.  Let us see if this class of such kunda ‘I’s in the bowl of kunda can change without the work ‑ work is kontrakundabuffer.  The powerful kundalini energies from 2 snakes - one good (+) and one evil (-) - is kept buffered as an organ called organ kundabuffer, and the WORK requires transforming the energy from it positively!  Failing it or even through an accident of causing it to fill with negative energies will produce the terrible negative consequences of this organ.


2   An underdeveloped man falsifies another.  All you have to do is to make or even copy a right assertion, then blame it on the person or organization you do not like, that it is against the assertion  ‑  a latent propaganda.  Such is the characteristics of the underdeveloped.  But life is like this!


3   When “kundabuffer” is predominant, there will emerge many forms of pleasure-gravitated organizations where sex, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, self-pride, vanity and various kinds of Hasnamussian properties rule the kingdom.  While people who produce suffer, people who do not produce enjoy the fruit.  And the social outcome would be truly unbecoming.


4   When the consequences of organ kundabuffer predominate the activities of the many, institutionalized ‘I’s for servicing pleasure, enjoyment, fun, self-pride and vanity blossom.  Very little time is left for hard work.  The work could become neglected. Workers are on the run, ladies and companies become parasites.  Few want to work.  They want to enjoy in the colored lights of the cities.


5   People who want peace and love peace ultimately fight and kill under the name of peace and God, and are also responsible for the destruction of peace.  There is a buffer here.


6   When a theory becomes more and more absurd, more and more away from reality, and more and more kundabuffer, it is extolled to the full. And one of the best places for culturing kundabuffer is the cancers?  Planetary formation, the swollen legged part of the “bobbin” which they call there school?  My first observation on the school objectively is entirely different from what has been said about it by these weird men themselves. Here instead of seeing a school I see just those wood and cement imprisoned in them are just these weird something, “the little devils”  ‑  at first I thought it was a zoo with a weird administration peculiar to the “zoo” itself.  In it is the process called prayer and the transmission of the inner psyche substances from A to B and just that movement till the organ kundabuffer is thoroughly crystallized in their bodies.  Here everything must be piled up in the head till the head can no longer observe anything clearly with the obstructing pile-up as the organ kundabuffer is gradually perfected in their bodies - as a black snake.

The hierarchy in the work place is a logical buffer that could have a cosmic cause.  We are unable to clean its inner antagonism because the cultural and psychological factors operate a parasitic rather than a functional context.  Both masters and slaves issue always and everywhere by starting out from themselves and back to themselves.


7   Sociocosmic buffers found their natural presence wherever sociocosmic disequilibrium occurs whether horizontal, vertically or diagonally within and without all the sociocosmic entities.






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