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Applied Management in Education Programs

Diploma, Bachelor & Master of Applied Management in Education

The University Level Program

This is a degree in Management specializing in education.  It would enable a successful student to become a professional educational programs administrator.

Diploma of Education Management (DEM) - 5 units/subjects


  1. History of Education
  2. Educational Psychology
  3. Educational Organizations
  4. Principles of Teaching
  5. Classroom Management

Advanced Diploma in Education Management (ADEM) - 10 units/subjects

Additional modules to the diploma level units/subjects above:

  6. Educational Philosophy
  7. Educational Strategies & Policies
  8. Academic counseling
  9. Educational & Training Programs Development
10. Education Marketing

Bachelor of Education Management (BEM) - 15 units/subjects + 1 thesis

Additional modules to the advanced diploma level units/subjects above:

11. Educational Technology
12. Educational Finance & Accounting
13. Human Resource Management in Education
14. Evaluation and Certification and Awarding
15. One related unit/subject of your choice to be approved by the course administrator

Plus:  A minimum 10,000 words thesis in English on any related areas of your choice. Assignments will be research-based at baccalaureate level

Master of Education Management (MEM) - 8 units/subjects + 1 thesis

Any of the above 8 modules plus a minimum 20,000 words thesis in English.  Assignments will be research-based at master level.

Learning Agreement: Assignments & Research-Based Assignments

The  DEM, ADEM and the BEM levels in education management specializing in education can be offered to any student with the minimum qualification equivalent to an 11 years of schooling and after successfully completing their Middle School Education such as the SPM, UEC, etc. The MEM program is mainly for principals, headmasters and teachers who are already in possession of teaching certificates and other training certificates in education but who want to demonstrate their competencies and skills in the management process of any type of education - private or government in both traditional and non-traditional setting.  It is not a program for training teachers how to teach or become certified teachers in a traditional setting. It is a program based on the modern concepts of management directed towards education planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Diploma Level                   ~ Total of 5 assignments
Advanced Diploma Level    ~ Total of 10 assignments
Bachelor Level                  ~ Total of 15 assignments plus 1 thesis of 10,000 words
Master Level                     ~ Total of 8 research-based assignments plus 1 thesis of 20,000 words

Certification from Awarding University

Diploma, Bachelor or Master certifications will be issued by St. Clements University (T&C) Turks & Caicos Island, British West Indies subjected to minor program variation.

Certificate of Completion/Research Participation

A Certificate of Completion/Research Participation from Fourthway ManHo Center would also be issued to successful learners.




Diploma                 -   About 1 year
Bachelor Degree     -   Plus 2 years
Master Degree        -  1 year


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Key Benefits

  • A means to develop education management skills

  • More income and promotion opportunities with better qualification

  • Better career advancement

  • Starting own education centers - tuition centers, private schools and others


1. Students are on-line directly with the university's mentors, counselors or supervisors who will provide the support, encouragement and mediation vital to the students' success.  Credentials are also awarded directly from the University.

2. Researchers are expected to investigate, study, analyze and make reporting on 'oskiano' or 'education' as happen in the real world as it is not merely as an experience oskiano deliverers but mainly as an external neutral observer or investigator and researcher.

3. Demonstration of creativity and introduction of revolutionary methods are much appreciated.



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