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International Holistic Touch Initiative

IHTI is an International Holistic Touch Initiative concerning New Age Living in the Aquarian Age & the Mission of HEIGRENS Care from Fourthway ManHo Center for future healing and holistic wellbeing for mankind and a unique International Holistic Multiversity bearing the sacred shield of the World School of Esoteric Holistic Health Practice was conceptualized and created as an enneagramic, naturo, "alternative medical", harmony and holistic driven international initiative to provide cyber, online and non-traditional training or education without walls. IHTI is associated to the World Organization Of Natural Medicine (WONM of Canada) through Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho who is a practicing Assembly Member of this world body's Clinics for Humanity and registered as a DHS (Doctor of Humanity Service) by this body. WONM is established per World Health Organization Alma Ata 1978 Declaration, and awarded International Accreditation and Recognition by Parlement Mondial, under International Law Status recognized by the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963.  Alternative medicine, alternative medicine research, alternative medicine naturo-technologies and alternative medicine education is a natural outcome from the philosophy and teachings found in Real World Views. Alternative sociology, alternative historical engineering, alternative religions, alternative philosophies (Tertium Organum), alternative financial technologies, alternative politics and alternative governance are natural outcome of the philosophy and teachings found in Real World Views. Finally, alternative biotechnology, alternative genetic engineering, alternative machine technology and alternative industries (Green Industries) are also natural to the philosophy and teaching found in Real World Views.  When the development of all these "alternatives" reaches maturity and truly ripens where "spiritualities", "psychologies", "psychic elements", the "it"s and the "I"s and the "gods" and the "God" are integrated in our bodies this morning of the Magician has reached its noon, ............ we can then boldly declare that we have a truly holistic health state of the life of all the sociocosmic stopinder beings including the "life" of all the sociotechnocosmic stopinder beings!  As currently is we are in the promising 'alternatives', a step beyond the frontier of the current knowledge and practice and aware of the short-comings of what we have been doing mechanically from the past up to present.  The HEIGRENS principles are principles of guidance identified to guide our practice.

However, it is expected that such HEIGRENS values, principles, practices, realization and materialization could only be powered more efficiently and effectively by Sociopital/Value of the SO-Historical Period of Socialism (2148 AD onwards)  and could not be efficiently and effectively powered by Capital/Value (1788 AD - 2148 AD) which is exploitative, accumulative, profit-maximization, predatory and  destructive to environment itself.  Herein lies the difficulty of achieving HEIGRENS during the FA-Historical Period of Capitalism which is mainly powered by Capital/Value.

Through its educational mission, IHTI also creates professional recognition and realizes professional placement for  existing "practitioners" and potential wholesome health interest individuals, into the holistic Health Industries irrespective of nationals, race, creek, religion, age or sex for the benefit of a wellbeing at large. IHTI employs a truly unique and revolutionary method of education based on alternative education principles for which various isolated components must be completed to qualify for invitation to be IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioners. The certification is exclusively independent and internal to its own governing board based on its own mission, vision, philosophy and its in-depth experience and esotericity. IHTI also provides professional services and holistic health & enhancement products for the needy community.   IHTI concept isfounded by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho and is materialized through a group of vehicle companies or corporate affiliates appointed to realize the universal philosophy, vision, mission, concepts, understanding and principles of IHTI as an Integral Holistic Concept in the socio-project of assisting inner body works for the maintenance of balance, harmony, health, well being and peace everywhere in the world.

The IHTI service positioning falls on the border of complementary therapies, moving into the enhancement & possibility development for ordinary and normal people and ends near the starting point in the 'WORK' towards a fully developed being. Its clients focus ranges from semi-patient to "normal/ordinary" man and to transition man in distress.

IHTI is a unique school of holistic health practice that embraces wholesome principles of working from the physical body through the physiological or functional bodies, from layer to layer, to the minds of instinct, moving, sex, emotion and thought and finally to the dimension of the finest ‘human spirit' or soul, integrating the fragments in the course of the inner work.

IHTI as an Integral Holistic Concept is a house of individual missionaries and corporate affiliations as a principle, structure and rules for its applied expansion world-wide. IHTI itself is a historical vision and mission in holistic harmony and health development and meant to be a great historical enterprise without walls and for everybody's benefits. However, it is still one of the numerous great enterprise for humanity growing alongside the other great enterprises. It must be fully understood that in the world of true healing, naturalism and holism, corporate entities are the lowest form of "classrooms" or "premises" because of its semi-artificial sociocosmic environment and over-emphasis of external values or with externalized inclination tendencies.  Good nature-based environment, unpolluted clean water, truly fresh-air environment and impressions of nature is a higher form of "classrooms" or "premises". IHTI education therefore values such places for holistic health education!  It is no surprise that our participants will use nature to realize true education.


The international initiative invites corporate affiliations in the administrative, production and professional centers (or organizations).  Currently, one of the non-exclusive main affiliate administrative organization of the IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health program in Malaysia is the Hattapattana Win Center in Don Mueang, Thailand. By December 2006, after more than a year of dedicated planning and materialization, we managed to establish a few IHTI affiliated centers and partner schools making us a solid affiliated holistic multiversity group some with superb state-of-art holistic facilities and environment. The group of corporate affiliate members list are growing at a steady rate. The corporate affiliated centers are centers where the IHTI program activities will normally take place.  These affiliate centers are not permanent and annual affiliation changes. They can participate in administration, professional services and as facility providers.

Affiliate corporate members are voluntary corporate members with suitable premises and/or facilities and places where IHTI participants carry out complete components or parts of their Applied Holistic Health program. Corporate affiliate members do not own IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health programs. The Practicum-Apprenticeship Components (PAC) of our Applied Holistic Health Program is regularly realized through the corporate affiliate member premises. The other components of the program are carried out in resorts, conference rooms and other suitable premises. The International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI) of FMC is realized through a number of corporate partners and affiliates.


Partner schools can be of esoteric ( C inluenced), mesoteric (B influenced) or exoteric ( A influenced or popular social) orders in terms of knowledge, practice and understanding which also run programs, trainings and offers certification directly or indirectly.

Fourthway ManHo Center:  Research, consultancy, training and facilitation in esoteric knowledge, education, projects, IT and businesses at Senai, Johor, Malaysia
Hattapattana Win Center:
Hattapattana treatment, divination, holistic health consultation, etc. in Bangkok, Thailand.
Odyssey: For healing, rejuvenating, vigor, holistic wellbeing, sports and adventure and enhance
ment of the body, mind and spirit at Tioman


Awarding agencies are institutions, associations and all forms of organizational entities that provide the awards, testimonials and recognitions such as  certificates, diplomas and degrees, honors, testimonials, etc.  It includes non-traditional or online educational and training entities of all human orders that can testify in the name of esotericity, mesotericity or exotericity (social and licensed)


We are a small growing group of dedicated researchers, educators, thinkers and  entrepreneurs dedicated to an emerging global trend in the holistic industry.  Our research began since 1975.

The purpose of the IHTI Mission is an Integral Holistic Concept run by voluntary IHTI Missionary associates world-wide both individuals and corporate.

Some of our IHTI Missionary associates' profiles includes:

Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho, a professor in psychophilosophies, founder and President of International Holistic Touch Initiative (IHTI) and Fourthway ManHo Center, has more than about 30 years of research experience in psychophilosophies and inner Work. His knowledge and expertise in holistic or wholesome health  can be observed in his works, entitled Real World Series, which comprises 22 books. He is a registered member of the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society (TTMSS, Membership No. 366/47) and also the Malaysian Society for Complementary Therapies (MSCT, Membership No.1221), a freelance psychotherapist and therapeutic massagist, and practitioner of psychophilosophy related therapies. He is registered and designated as a Doctor of Humanitarian Service by the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM of Canada, Registered No. WDHS/2949) and appointed Assembly Member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine-Clinics for Humanity on 26th May 2008. WONM is established per World Health Organization Alma Ata 1978 Declaration, and awarded International Accreditation and Recognition by Parlement Mondial, under International Law Status recognized by the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963.  He is a registered practitioner (Ref. No.: 20091222208) with the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division, Ministry of Health  Malaysia under the complementary therapies category. Professor Sir Dr. Tan is also an International Course Director of Psychophilosophy & Natural Psychophysical Therapies for St. Clements University (T&C).  His training certification covers a wide range of fields in Basic Skin Care and Make-Up, Waitankung & Neitankung Training, Thai Chi, Reflexology Towards Professionalism Seminar, Certificate of Practice in Psychotherapy, Thai Traditional Massage, Thai Massage and Health Enhancement Service Work (Specific Symptom Remedy), Physical and Health Education and Abnormal Psychology. He has conducted corporate training/seminars for Rotary Clubs related to psychophilosophies & Natural Psychophysical Therapies. His work is a marriage of both the western and eastern essences. He has high regard for touch of the esoteric order and not just any mechanical or skill-based techniques of shallow touches and massage for mere commercial and national regulatory objectives.  His pursuit in alternative peace education and alternative peace therapies for sociocosmic stopinder beings through World Peace Assembly of Malaysia e-edu-platform deserve serious reflection. By alternative, he means in the sense of a revised Piscean dimension of the minds and in a growing and maturing Aquarius integration.  Main originator of the IHTI Integral Holistic Concept Project, he plans and implements programs of IHTI and all international Joint-Venture Programs.More information about Tan Man-Ho can be found at

Master Pithoonthong Saengthong (popularly known as K. Win), the last Mekair (guru) in the 400 years old esoteric Mekair lineage of the School of Hattapattana Practice whose special manipulative and touch skills are transmitted only through inner family circles.  She is an established professional holistic health practitioner in her own right. She has 40 years of professional and expert services in the Hattapattana therapies which is known for their unique and unparallel methodologies and astonishing healing results.   She owns and operates Hattapattana Win Center in near the Don Mueang International Airport in  Bangkok, Thailand.  The Hattapattana Center is well-known for its effective symptoms relief therapies for migraine, lumbago, headache, neck & shoulder ache, and others. It also offers oil treatment, heat therapy, divination, and others.  Oma is known for its traditionally and homestyled cooked,vegetarian health food with excellent taste. The center also handmakes Hatta crotchet bags and hats.  It also provides trainings and educational services for people interested in earning foreign university degrees. She has numerous professional certificates related to alternative and natural medicine.


The Modus Operandi of the Order of the Mission is through the activities of our missionary associates (individuals or individuals in possession of legal corporate entities) who voluntarily participate wholly or partially and in various ways the activities of this world mission.  These activities include researches, training activities, work assignments, challenge examinations, practicum, consultancy, co-ordination, projects, professional services, humanitarian services and others.

Our missionaries are:

1. Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man-Ho (Malaysia) - Can be contacted at Senai, Fastlane: +6012-245-5127

2. Master Pithoonthong Saengthong (Thailand) - Can be contacted at Don Mueang, Fastlane: +6681-912-4685

3. Stella Lee Lin-Far, Physiotherapist (Hawaii, USA) - Can be contacte at Hawaii, Fastlane: N/A

4. Tan Wei-Song, Computer Engineering (Malaysia) - Can be contacted at Batu Pahat, Fastlane:+6012-424-6786

5. Tan Yean-Ling, Pharmacist (Malaysia) - Can be contacted at Senai, Fastlane: +6016-789-0237

6. Tan Wan-Ling, Physiotherapist (Malaysia) - Can be contacted at Singaore or Senai, Fastlane: +6016-720-9121

7. Olena Nekrasova, Fourth Way & Reiki (Japan) - Can be contacted at



by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho, June 1, 2005

Touch is one of the oldest and truest forms of communion. Human Touch is the very first means in which we communicate with other beings as soon as we were brought into the world from within the wombs of our mother.  Soon as years passed by the human touch is gradually forgotten.  In its place poured endless non-human and technological touches or at most human touches become verbal talking at a distance.  Touch is tactile feeding through the skin.  Being touched implies  receiving or "feeding" through the skin.  To touch others means to give or to "feed" through the skin.  However, at a certain point in this departure a return to this primordial touch is mandated by the all-powerful and demand forces of the sex energy, that calls for the preservation and propagation of the human race.  But the loss and subsequent damage during this departure can be disastrous, and the human carriage together with all its instinctive, moving, sex, emotional and thinking parts are often left in a decrepit state of distress, hunger and even in pain.

The holistic touch mission aims to bring back touch, at a quicker rate and timely for the negative consequences of this brakeless departure of our locomotives.  Touch helps us redefine and remember our own body boundaries and body image both in the physical and the spiritual realms.  It aids in self-remembering and understanding of ourselves better as a four-dimensional being..

As a result it can assist us in elevating our dire state of distress, heal our diseases, promote personal growth and develop our potentials.  By sensing, feeling and observing through touch exchanges, we can understand the receivers and the givers machines better, and realize the goals that have been set for touch for life -the goal of healing touch.

Touch as science has the body of knowledge and understanding that can challenge those old worn-out beliefs and misconceptions, that we may have incorporated in our mechanical lives that do not support a healthy lifestyle.

The touch communication is one of the four dimensional physical cum intangible way of exchanging energies whether information, knowledge, sensations and perceptions and inclusive of mutual intentions whether they be expressing, affection, nurturment or disapproval.

There is a common physical touch which is normal but the intangible touch has a very great impact on the harmonious development of human being.


The mission of IHTI as a School of Holistic Health Practice with esoteric origin that has recently emerged from its womb after 30 years of latent esoteric holistic incubation, is to globally assist in the development of balance, harmonious, healthy and wholesome individuals freed from the mechanical conditions of the body, mind and consciousness. Practitioners are wholesome and natural therapists who help the body, emotions, the intellect and awareness 'I's to heal itself by reestablishing balance where there is imbalance.  They approach healing with "let-the-body-heal-itself" principles. Holistic health practices and 'forms of realizations' are consciously modified and programmed  to allow for coarse-end interests of ordinary life, and the higher goals are periodically reinforced. Treatment is not the essence of holism although treatment has to be given to the patient first for him to leave his "official status" as a patient to participate in true holism. Our clients are mainly normal/ordinary people who need or desire good health and personal improvements NOT official patients.


To realize the IHTI objectives, the mission seeks corporate affiliations in the administrative, production and professional centers (or organizations).

These corporate affiliations normally have any one, two or more of the 4 main objectives are:

1. To conduct and offer alternative holistic education programs on those related to all types of therapies and massage treatments for good health, being enhancement and possibilities development

2. To provide professional holistic and nature care services, training and apprenticeship in all kinds of nature health treatments, enhancement and possibilities development

Objective 1 is realized consciously through the first stage of the IHTI project which is in the cyber-based, online, semi-non traditional "gur-based" alternative education and meant strictly to  & "float-in-the-Absolute Idea" in the cyber world and fourth dimension to reduce the potential dilution of vibration caused by the negative consequences of the unbecoming "abnormalities" of contemporary traditional educational sociocosmic stopinders. Others are gradually realized through our individual missionaries and corporate affiliates. Objective 2 is only rudimentary.  Objective 3 has something to do with alternative medicine products and objective 4 will be in the arising stage.  Everywhere organizations have been pushing this history forward like a drunken man in a hurry moving on a dark path!


Courses, seminars, workshops, independent research assignments, professional image building and practicum-apprenticeship (PAC) are components of activities designed to transform participants into higher beings  with the understanding, knowledge, skills and usage of Natural Psychophysical Therapeutic Methods.  They qualify them to become IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioners in their own right.  They can practice their professionalism in their own right provided they also meet other agencies or institutions' recognition requirements, governmental laws, rules & regulations of their respective nation of domicile and practice, depending on the maturity of in-built controls of the regulatory bodies.

These alternative training/education programs are developed integratively from an understanding of the different B-influenced sources of holistic healing, medical, complementary, natural therapeutic, enhancement & possibilities development methods, and developed into practice through a C influence. Our certification is different from others in that it is rested on the philosoph and principles of esotericism which is unknown to the lower level commercial, professional and licensing objectives of the business and regulatory sociocosmic stopinders. As the saying goes, with this precaution for your mentation and feeling, that a Jesus healing touch can hardly pass a test by the modern touch testers of our time.

Finally, we assure you that you will receive a comprehensive, truly holistic esoteric practitioner training and guidance here with us!


The current and immediate field of concern is in man's four bodies himself, and later fields of concern will be his sociotechnocosmoses and cosmic relation parts of his being.  Our immediate education and training deliveries will be in the following areas.

Click for detail program description:

IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner Program Description

Course brochures can be requested from Fourthway ManHo Center.


Alternative Medicine & Holism


Ions Therapy


SPA Therapy


Abnormal Psychology


Lomi Lomi


Sports Therapy




Holistic Health Marketing


Traditional Thai Massage


Herbal Action


Massage Techniques




Herbal Remedies


Nutrition for Health







IHTI provides seminars, workshops, trainings, assignment/research opportunities, professional image builders and practicum/apprenticeship in the fields of holistic health, enhancement & possibilities development such as Alternative Medicine & Holism, Massage Techniques, Reflexology, Shiatsu Massage, Spa Therapy, Traditional Combination Massage, Sports Therapy, Aromatherapy, Herbal Remedies, Traditional Health Marketing, Movement Therapies, Psychic Centers Motivation, etc.  The quality of IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner, which can be achieved through successful participation of our Holistic Health Practice Program is assured through both internal and external moderation by local and international holistic experts and institutions in their own rights.  Because of esotericity our "certification" is strictly IHTI certified!  The value of being IHTI certified is that the signatory of IHTI has the unparallel qualification, unique and internationally known to that effect. And the ultimate mission is meso-esoterically directed. IHTI plans to develop more alternative edu-training programs, products and professional services in the near future.


IHTI is associated to the World Organization Of Natural Medicine (WONM foundation of Canada) through Professor Sir Dr. Tan Man Ho of St. Clements University who is also a practicing Assembly Member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine-Clinics for Humanity and registered as a DHS (Doctor of Humanity Service) by this body.

WONM is established per World Health Organization Alma Ata 1978 Declaration, and awarded International Accreditation and recognition by Parliament Mondial, under International Law Status recognized by the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963. IHTI's Holistic Health Practice program is recognized by St. clements University for associated diploma award exemption. Our non-traditional trainings, research assignments, professional image builder, PAC final certification  is gradually gaining local and international acceptance and recognition by employers, the public, associations, foreign non-traditional universities, etc.


  1. Earn credential & recognition as an IHTI Certified Professional Holistic Health Practitioner
  2. Earn a foreign university Associated Diploma in Applied Holistic Health Practice
  3. Good guaranteed job through IHTI's special practicum-apprenticeship component (PAC) & sponsorship arrangement
  4. Develop your career in Holistic Health Practice in your own selected field of interest
  5. Begin your own holistic health business or career locally or internationally
  6. Develop your being, knowledge and skills on holistic health practice
  7. Keep yourself healthy, conscious always and make your dreams come true
  8. Enable you to further your study and gain international university degrees in Psychophilosophy & Natural Psychophysical Therapy.
    University Level Programs at Fourthway ManHo Center



"The physician of the future will first seek to understand a person's temperament, and then treat them with herbs, foods, and other appropriate methods."   (Thomas A. Edison)
"The physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with rubbing."   (Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", 4 B.C.)
"The cure of the parts should not be attempted without treatment of the whole."   (Plato 427 ~ 347 B.C.)


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