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UK Farm Agro Resort
is a farm cum agriculture resort located in Kluang District and only a few kilometers east of Ayer Hitam town in the state of Johor.  It has the reputation of being Malaysia's largest goat and sheep farm with 100 acres of grazing land for 4000 sheep.  It is a self-sufficient integrated farm practising the most modern techniques in goat and sheep rearing.  It is holistically completed with 15 acres of passion fruit and an on-site passion fruit manufacturing station and an agro resort. UK Agro Resort aims to provide visitors an authentic and memorable farm experience while showcasing the modern techniques involved in 21st century farming.  The holistic concept has offered a wide range of facilities that cater edutourism and satisfy individual needs with restaurant, farm mart, conference room, chalet, dormitory, barbeque area, open stage, camp site and karaoke.  It only takes about an hour's Trans Odyssey drive from Johor Bahru which is near Singapore to reach UK Farm Agro Resort.

The resort is an ideal destination for everyone to escape from the hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy various recreational activities not available in the city.

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