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Tropical Village is a notable tourist attraction in Air Hitam, Johor, Malaysia. It is located about 90 km from Johor Bahru and only about 4 km from the town of Air Hitam.  If you ever wonder what are the world's famous icon buildings and structures, a trip to this unique theme park quickly provides you with the answers. The replicas of the icon buildings and structures are built within this 32 acres theme park that allow visitors to have another memorable experience.  The park is divided into four sections: Landmarks, Leisure Corner, Playground and Agricultural Enclosure.

The Landmarks Section is a garden with a wonderful famous landmark in the whole world. There's a section of Malay Culture (Kebudayaan Melayu) like Kompang sculpture, Kuda Kepang, Mini Malaysia such as Petronas Towers, Fort A famosa in Malacca and Mini World.  The Leisure Corner is especially appealing to younger visitors with its Haunted House, House of Mirrors and Dinosaur Train among other attractions. The Playground with its Oriental Island, Pet Corner and Garden of the Shy Monkey is also a favourite with little ones. The park has dorms for visitors who want to stay overnight and continue the fun the next day.


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