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Mersing is a town in Mersing District in the northeast corner of the state of Johor, Malaysia.  It is visited by Malaysians and many foreign tourists from all over the world on the way to the Tioman Island and various island groups nearby. Mersing is very well serviced by a wide range of restaurants, cafes and traditional coffee shops. They are also close to modern or western supermarkets and traditional shops providing many services including internet services and western meals for foreign tourists.  Most Malaysian banks also have branches in Mersing town. Near to the ferry jetty in Mersing town is a public park with playground facilities for children and restaurants.


To explore Mersing truly, it is recommended that tourists walk.  There is relatively light traffic in the area and a bicycle would be an excellent mode of travel as well.  From Mersing, tourists can visit many nearby beaches.  The most famous one is at Air Papan.


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