kota  tinggi  waterfalls

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Kota Tinggi Waterfalls
is a famous attraction in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia. The waterfalls are located in Lombong at the foot of Gunung (Mountain) Muntahak.

Early in the morning, the mist shrouds the surrounding area with a refreshing coolness from the healing negative ions of the falls and natural music from wooing insects, birds and other animals are truly amazing for your inner experience.  You can spend a night or two here in the spacious chalets of the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls' resorts.  Visitors can explore the vicinity by walking up the path by the side of the river and stationing for a picnic at various spots along the way.  Resembling a nature blended water-themed park, the corresponding stretch of rapid water had been channeled to whisk bathers seeking adventure, down the slide with a huge inflatable tube. They are for the thrillers and adventure seekers but the upper pools where the cascades flow are left untouched.

Burger and drink stalls lined the river banks where resort sits while café and gazebos are built to accommodate romancing couples who want to enjoy a meal and watch the rushing rapids over the rocks.

You can go for Night-Fireflies Watching at Sungai Lebam in the district of Kota Tinggi where you can experience it yourself catching the unlimited blinking lights.

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