SEMINAR 5:  The Fixate Enneagram of Human Personalities

Modern Trends in Improving Human Relationships through Understanding the Human Enneagram of Personality Types

The greatest resource a business has is people and improved relationships, the greatest challenge!  This is a great statement from the Aspell Companies. The modern trend in improving human relationships for the millenium is revealed through research on the human personalities ~ and the new tool is the enneagram of personalities. Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho will bring you to this knowledge and point to you its value in people management.

This is a 6-hour course dedicated to the discussion and critical thinking about the enneagram of human personalities and a workshop to identify personality types in the group. It will also include a talk on Affirmative Positive Self-Talk.

Top managers, middle managers, supervisors and individuals serious in  the improvement of the human element in their corporation or needing self-empowerment services are encouraged to participate in one of these multi-faceted empowerment programs for individuals, groups and organizations.

The seminar/workshop is developed as part of the serial training programs for Odyssey Training.


  • What is the Enneagram?
  • What is personality and personality types?
  • The Enneagram personality types ~ the latest trend of the millenium
  • Affirmative Positive Self-Talk
  • Workshop: Evaluating our own enneagram personality types and evaluating the enneagram personality types of others
Seminar Information

Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho

Duration: 6 hours & can be spread over 2 days through agreed arrangement

Fees: MYR2,000 (Minimum of 4 persons + MYR500 per person)

Accommodation, Meals & Tour: Not included in the fees

Venue: Preferred venue is in Tioman or upon other agreed venue

Date & Time: Flexible

Certification: A Certificate of Attendance would be issued from ManHo T& D Center, ManHo Management Consultancy and signed by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho for the successful completion of the seminar.

Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) : A Certificate of Attendance from ManHo Management Consultancy or Fourthway ManHo Center is recognized by St. Clements University (T&C) for exemption into various relevant diploma and degree programs or as RPL for various diploma and degree application within the St. Clements University group.




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