SEMINAR 3: Research & Thesis Writing

Assignment, Thesis Writing and How to Develop a Good Thesis Topic

This is a 6-hour course meant for those individuals who are currently undertaking a research program for the university, the corporation or for personal research pursuit.

It includes semi-interactive process between the audience and the deliverer that would address the issues of regarding assignments & thesis writings.

The seminar/workshop is developed as part of the serial training programs for Odyssey Training.


  1. Writing at tertiary level, planning the assignment and planning the thesis

  2. How to develop the thesis topics

  3. Computer tools for writing

  4. Sources of information

  5. Common features of editorial style

  6. General format

  7. The use of quotations, footnotes and figures, referencing and appendices

  8. Editing and evaluating the final products

Materials include a text and a manual.

Seminar Information

Trainer: Professor Dr. Tan Man Ho

Duration: 6 hours & can be spread over 2 days through agreed arrangement

FeesMYR2,000 (Minimum of 4 persons + MYR500 per person)

Accommodation, Meals & Tour: Not included in the fees

Venue: Preferred venue is inTioman or upon other agreed venue

Date & Time: Flexible

Certification: A Certificate of Attendance would be issued from ManHo T&D Center, ManHo Management Consultancy and signed by Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho for the successful completion of the seminar.

Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) : A Certificate of Attendance from ManHo Management Consultancy or Fourthway ManHo Center is recognized by St. Clements University (T&C) for exemption into various relevant diploma and degree programs or as RPL for various diploma and degree application within the St. Clements University group.




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