Certificate of Enneagram Studies


The intake will commence again from March 2019


The Training Program

Applications are invited for the interested to join as training groups.

"To know a new thing although it may appear insignificant is to know a great deal and a great more than people who do not know it."

Who Should Join?

Any adult of matured age irrespective of professions, expertise, academic level or status, and above 18 with writing skills in English, Malay or Chinese. The training is based on the logico-psychophilosophical principles of the Real World-Fourth Way School and administered by the Fourthway ManHo Center.  It is developed to benefit sincere seekers of the truth.  The value of the training can be incidentally beneficial to people working in various corporate sectors, to individuals seeking personal development, and to those who want to begin a career in the natural psychophysical therapeutic industry. The personal benefits of the training includes improvements in the psychological, spiritual, professional, and relationship aspects of one's life. Training is  provided through personal consultation, supervision & mentoring, e-mail, and training days. The training program consists of the following components:

1. Study of enneagram logos & symbols

2. Study of the Law of Three, the Law of Seven and the principles

3. Study of enneagram examples in the real world

4. Study of the Personality Enneagrams

5. Exercises: Questions & short essays

6. Study and reflection exercises

7. A Report on learners' own personality issues

8. A Project Paper on enneagram application to personality studies of people in the learner's own community or to a phenomenon in nature, society, cosmoses, etc.


Intention & Mission 

This edu-training program is developed in the light of the Real World-Fourth Way School of Thought and in the tradition of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and associates of this school in its epoch making.  The certificate is meant as a  record of convenience to emerging 'oskianos' where higher understanding and creative enrichment of the oskianic flow that prevails in the body of the Great Sociocosmic Being is growing at an observable rate.  The calibration and measure of oskianos is not meant to be equivalent to or subject to the conventional belief about education or training or to similar paradigms envisioned in conventional ministries about this matter.  It is rather built on its own principles of measure based on the movements of the mental, the emotional and the gut centers of the individual learners in integration. The mission of this program is to expand the real world-fourth way industry for a society during the period when "factors" from all sources still demand its presence.

Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho
August 1, 2014

3D2N Training Package:

6-hour program meets plus an unspecified research participation assignment .  Training meets day includes physical meeting of the group.  Air-con room stay and food provided.  Return ferry ticket to Tioman Island from Mersing is free. Day 1 meet consists of N-logue and mental-based interaction.  Day 2 meet consists of reflection exercises, writing exercises, movements, self-observation, self-sensing, etc.  Day 3 meet consists of presentation of "A Report on the Learner's Own Personality Issues" and the project papers with the mentor's evaluation.  The period for personal research assignment is unspecified and depends on the individuals.

Venue: Preferred venue is in Tioman or any other agreed venue

Award: A Certificate of Enneagram Studies will be awarded upon successful (or pass) completion of the program by the Fourthway ManHo Center

Exemptions and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): The certificate is recognized for Exemption and RPL transfer into St. Clements University (T&C)'s Bachelor of Science in Psychophilosophy and Bachelor of Science in Natural Psychophysical Therapy.  Learners can waive the associate diploma levels.

Fee: MYR2,000 (Minimum of 4 persons + MYR500 per person) for the training program fee only

Accommodation, Meals & Tour: Not included in the fees



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