Research: Yang Style Taijiquan Calisthenics

This is a 1 year program in Yang Style Taiji Quan which consists of 108 postures to be practiced in an unbroken move. Currently, this therapeutic movements is conducted twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and each session is a little more.  It is conducted in the evening from 8.00 pm ~ 9.00 pm. Participants can opt for just the Taiji Quan movements only. The research component is administered by the Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC), which is responsible for all the research assignment or findings of the research, and St. Clements University is the awarding university for the diploma or the degree in the Science of Natural Psychophysical Therapy.  This program is undergoing revision and currently not available!



Who Should Participate

  • Health conscious mature individuals
  • Top managers in high stress working environment
  • Professionals who want to be traditional health trainers, mentors and supervisors
  • Traditional health services and traditional health products businesspersons


Anybody can participate for the training session but for research participation, a senior person or one who has completed secondary education is necessary.


  • To provide the opportunity for personal health improvement
  • To ensure recognition of work and the learning through certification
  • To provide opportunity for career or business enhancement


  1. Taiji Quan Warm-Up & "Chinese Yoga" training
  2. Taiji Quan Calisthenics (108 postures) training
  3. Research methodology, guidance and report submitting (mentorship)

Program Information

Course Materials: Some of the materials are provided

Medium of Instruction: Chinese or English

Duration: 6 months

Training Fee: RM40/month per participant (Students RM20/month per participant)

Research Fee: USD 50 per participant

Venue: Open space, at Senai town only

Date & Time: To be confirmed

Certification as partial fulfillment for Degree Programs: A Certificate of Research Participation will be issued from Fourthway ManHo Center if participants have written a special research report of either a theoretical nature or an application nature in Chinese, English or Malay to be endorsed by FMC and submitted to St. Clements University.  The program is equivalent to an Associate Diploma of Science in Natural Psychophysical Therapy.



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