Research: Wai-Neidangong & Massage


The Fourthway ManHo Center (FMC) is not a Wai-Neidangomg center.  Its role is to mentor the Wai-Neidangong research as part of its research assignment to learners working towards degrees from St. Clements University, which is the awarding university for the diploma or the degree in the Science of Natural Psychophysical Therapy.  The research component is regulated independently by FMC, while the training component or more correctly the Field Research is a free choice of the learners. This program is undergoing revision and currently not available.



Who Should Participate

  • Health conscious mature individuals
  • Top managers in high stress working environment
  • Professionals who want to be traditional health trainers, mentors and supervisors
  • Traditional health services and traditional health products businesspersons


Anybody can participate for the training session but for research participation in university projects, a senior person or one who has completed secondary education or equivalent is essential but not mandatory.


  • To provide the opportunity for personal health improvement
  • To ensure recognition of work and the learning through certification
  • To provide opportunity for career or business enhancement

General Scope of Wai-Neidangong Movements as practiced by various groups:

  1. Wai-Neidangong therapeutic movements

Han Induction Exercise:

  • Arms Circling Up and Down (Thok Thean Pow Yei)
  • Wild -Geese Side Look (Fei Yuan Hooi So)
  • Walking On Ice Against Cold Wind (Yin Fong Cho Pin)
  • Arms Swinging Sideways (Yeow Pei Chow Thean)
  • Arms Swaying (Yeow Po Chi)
  • Forward Waist Bending (Foo Yeow Shih)
  • One Arm Raise (P'ak Her Shih)

Waidangong Exercise:

  • Preliminary (Yee Pei Shih)
  • Breathing Tortoise Style (Kui Hsi Tu Na Kung)
  • Backward Hand-Thrusting in Half Squating Position (Tun Shern Dhuai Dhou Kung)
  • Arm-Fluttering with Up-Lifted Toes (Yi Pei Tsu Ch'iao Kung)
  • Fist-Circling At Ear-Side (Tieh Tze Wei Ch'uan Kung)
  • Palms Facing Skyward And Groundward (T'o Tien An Ti Kung)
  • Crossed Arms Trembling (Shuang Shou Herk Shih Kung)
  • Facing-Up Palms Moving Up & Down Before Chest or Pearl Presenting) (Pong Chu Nei Yun Kung)
  • Trunk Twisting Sidewise With Ringed Arms (Yee Hui Chuan Tai Kung)
  • Whole Body Trembling on Firmly-Based Feet or Transquilising motion (Yang Hsin Ting Li Kung)
  • Single Lower Limb Trembling (Tan Chiao Ch'ui Ch'iao Kung)
  • Big Crane Steps (Ta Hsieng Ho Pu)
  • Small Crane Steps or Robot Walk (Hsiao Hsien Ho Pu)
  • Lifting Knees With Fluttering Hands (Tai Kau Chiao)
  • Legs Side-Kick (Tik Huai Kuk)
  • Slapping With Front Portion Of Foot (Tak Chiao Pan)
2. Wai-Neidangong therapeutic massage
  • Washing Hands
  • Washing Faces
  • Washing Scalp
  • Tapping Back of the Head
  • Inner & Outer Corners of the Eyebrow
  • Eye Massage
  • Ironing the Eyeballs with the Back of the Thumbs
  • Nose Massage - Ridge and Nostrils
  • Gums Massage - Top-Center, Corners & Bottom Center
  • Tai Yang Acupoints Massage
  • Ear Massage - tapping upper tip, lobe pulling, rubbing and Outer Ridge Squeezing, Finger Piercing Ear Canal
  • Meridian Massage of the Hands
  • Eyeball Movements - Left, Center, Right, Close & Open Eyes
  • Kidney Rubbing
  • Knee Cap Rubbing
  • Hands Touching Toes & Catching toes
  • Massaging Ligament Behind the Knee Cap
  • Tapping Knee Cap
  • Kicking Buttock with Left & Right Legs Alternatively
  • Tongue Exercise
  • Three Laughs

3. Research methodology, guidance, report submitting (mentorship) and content evaluation

Note that scopes 1 & 2 are not provided by Fourthway ManHo Center.  Only scope 3 is regulated by FMC as it is the research scope.

Program Information

Research Component

Course Materials: Some of the materials are provided

Research Mentor: Professor Dr. Tan Man-Ho

Medium of Instruction: Chinese or English

Duration: About 6 months 

Research Fee (FMC): USD 50 per participant

Center: Fourthway ManHo Center, Senai, Johor, Malaysia

Training Component

Movement Instructor: Flexible but preferably authentic (learner's choice)

Training Fee: Will depend on the group you are enrolled with 

Venue: Any authentic Waidangong Exercise Center

There is a 6-month research program with a certificate issued by the Waitankung Research Society, Malaysia for those who have successfully completed its exercise program.  Currently, the therapeutic movements and the massage exercise is conducted at the Senai Waidangong center, and each session is a little more than an hour plus a drink of warm ginger with brown sugar.  It is conducted in the evening from 8.00 pm ~ 9.00 pm.

Certification as partial fulfillment for Degree Programs: A Certificate of Research Participation will be issued from Fourthway ManHo Center if participants have written a special research report of either a theoretical nature or an application nature in Chinese, English or Malay to be endorsed by FMC and submitted to St. Clements University.  The program is equivalent to an Associate Diploma of Science in Natural Psychophysical Therapy.

It is important to note that Fourthway ManHo Center does not provide the movement trainings but it evaluates on the indepth-mentation that is built up when the learners experiences the movements elsewhere and write research papers.





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